Laugh Yourself Silly Thursday- Babies, Britches, & Bungee Jumping

Hello dear friends and welcome to Laugh Yourself Silly Thursday! πŸ™‚ Sit back, break out the chocolate chip cookies & milk, and enjoy these hilarious videos πŸ™‚ Just be careful the milk doesn’t come out your nose ;).

I think Mark Lowry was the first comedian I ever saw.

Here’s a short clip from Chonda Pierce, a super funny, talented, and inspirational woman. I really respect her.

I agree with most of this next video. Sometimes people forget that Christians are human. We follow God but we are NOT God. Thankfully God remembers that we are ALLΒ  made from the dust.

I remember an embarrassing time when I was a kid. I was playing in the graveyard next to the church. I tripped and fell and yelled “crap” real loud. Crap doesn’t seem to be a bad word…not in the south anyways. But it sure felt dirty when I screamed it in front of church people. I’m so glad my many human moments don’t freak God out.

This is the funniest elderly woman I’ve ever seen. I just love Jeanne Robertson!

I leave you with Rhett and Link’s Drive Thru song πŸ™‚

God bless and remember The High King lives!

~Amber Dover

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