Laugh Yourself Silly Thursday: Happy Slip & Jonkerlin

Hi friends and welcome to Laugh Yourself Silly Thursday. I took the day off yesterday so today I will give you some funny vids and a short inspirational message 🙂 First, I’d like to introduce you to two hilarious Youtube channels that you may not know about. Also, Happy birthday mom! I just had to shout out 😉

#1 Happy Slip:

Christine Gambito is a Filipino chic who uses her culture and family to make funny skits. She does impressions of her parents, Aunt, and cousins. Christine does the impressions so well you really believe she’s different people lol.  She also does random funny videos. She’s now focusing on her growing family but you can still see all her old videos. Here’s a quote from her website:

While growing up, Gambito’s mom was always quick to remind her to wear a “half slip” along with dreses or skirts. “Kissteen!  Be sure to wear your hap eslip!”   However,  the way it was pronounced, it somehow translated into “happy slip” in Christine’s mind.  After years of this perception, Christine found herself corrected when asked by classmates if she had a sad slip as well.

The “happy slip” phrase is not only a funny memory from the past, but also a reflection of what Gambito would like people to experience when watching the videos.  To “slip into happiness” and hopefully receive a bright moment in their day.

(Video about Facebook silliness)

(making fun of her family. She portrays her Dad by hiding half of her face. Her aunt has the curly hair and her mom wears the glasses. There’s also her shy cousin Minnie.) I love her scatter brained mom lol…..reminds me of my mom sometimes 😉 love you mama! This goes out to you 🙂

#2 Jonkerlin:

Jonkerlin is a young dude that makes fun of things like Twitter, The Sims, and life in general. Enjoy the vids for yourself 🙂

Here’s a couple of Quotes from the Beth Moore Bible study I’m doing, “James: Mercy Triumphs”

(pg 49) The king of the universe wants a real, live relationship with us. He’s not interested in just being a mind reader. He’s not even interested in just being a provider. He’s both of those things, but the role He relishes most is Father. He wants us- frail mortal creatures- to connect with Him and communicate with Him as the dearest relationship in human existence. He rejoices to hear our voices. He delights to be our sole and holy source for all things in life.

(pg 51) Faith receives more than it asks. Doubt loses more than it disbelieved.

This is so true…doubt and worry really robs us of our joy. I was reminded of this truth today when I let worry take over my mind. We got a call from our tax provider saying we had a paper from the IRS and we owed them. Well, I immediately got stressed and started catastrophizing (is that a word?). I let fear come in and was thinking the worst… starvation and stuff. Yeah, a major thing I learned in counseling (years ago) is to never catastrophize (according to spell check I am making words up…yaaa!)….our troubles are usually not as bad as they seem.

We really worry about things that usually NEVER happen and have no place in reality. Anywho, I started doubting God’s provision (shame on me). Well, it turned out after about 2 hours of calling IRS people and even the treasury dept. (and listening to lots of elevator music) that NOTHING was wrong. The tax lady had misread the paper (which wasn’t even from the IRS. She’s probably overworked). We didn’t owe the IRS…etc etc….. Point being, I worried and doubted God for no reason. I let my stress out on my family and my body (making me feel sick)…….for no reason. Had I trusted God despite my circumstances I could’ve had a decent morning.  Well, I learned the hard way….again.

Well folks, I hope you laughed yourself silly 🙂 and I hope you learn from my mistakes.  Also, that Beth Moore Bible study is awesome if you get a chance to check it out. Have you ever had a time where you “catastrophized” just to find out it was all in your head? If so please leave me a comment  with your experiences. 🙂

God bless and remember The High King Lives!

~Amber Dover

PS: My Dad had a made up word that I believed was real until I researched it’s exact meaning a few years ago. I tried to add it to the online dictionary but wasn’t able to 🙁  I know what suspiturated means even if no one else does. If you google the word my store comes up. I’ve got some neat shirts like “I’m not eccentric. I’m just creative.” etc….check for yourself…..I also have a “Say no to Vampires” line which is all in good fun. Check it out if you get a chance:  (Doverette’s Bazzar)

PSS: I’ve taken the dictionary challenge. I signed up to get a new word in my inbox daily. But I’ll be honest…..I don’t remember half of them 🙁

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  1. Thankyou for the nice birthday. Also, don’t forget your Mother told you not to worry,it was prob something minor on your taxes. 🙂 love you, Mom

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