Weekend Special: Who do you trust?, Pan roasted Chicken, & the new Groundhog

Hey folks, sorry I didn’t get out the Virtual Friday & Media Saturday posts….they will have to wait til next week.  But here are a few videos to check out.  This will cover My Family Rocks Sunday as well. You can say I took a break this weekend.

My dog is the NEW Ground hog! Tessa has been digging this hole for awhile & we just found out why…..she wanted to sit in it lol

These are SO good. It all comes down to who do you trust….yourself? or the Creator of the Universe (and of you)?

This was Awesome


My Cat Chester should be in the movies…or atleast a magazine

For those of you dealing with an invisible illness (meaning you look fine on the outside but you’re hurting on the inside), here’s a wonderful website a friend sent me. This is a great way to explain to people what you deal with….using spoons


And Lastly I leave you with some SecondLife pictures. I finally found a good home lol. I found an “orphanage” ran by a Christian couple. It’s called “Over the Rainbow”. For 25L I have my own bunk…enough prims for a stuffed cat & some books….but best of all I have this whole facility I can use with toys and games….a theater….a game room…and they have community events. I’m excited to get to know these people….whenever I have the time to get actually get on SL. I hope to bring you info on Adventurous RPG sims next week. I just haven’t had time on there much.

Well God Bless and remember The High King Lives!

~Amber Dover

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