Laugh Yourself Silly Thursday: Ray Stevens, Bill Cosby, & Tim Hawkins

Well today is Laugh Yourself Silly Thursday & also my 27th birthday! Woot! I feel old….

Anywho, I hope these videos make you happy. God bless & remember the High King  lives!

~Amber Dover

Bill Cosby the Legend 🙂 Love him! My Dad often talked about the brain damage lol

Natural Child Birth by Cosby

The Cosby Show: Monopoly

This just cracks me up! Gotta love Tim Hawkins! This is for my birthday party ha!

This man is crazy lol…angry birds……this goes out to my husband

Bear Spray lol

My first favorite comedian! Ray Stevens 🙂

Mississippi Squirrel

The Streak 🙂 boogity boogity!

Great vids to make you think…very clever

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