Laugh Yourself Silly Thursday: Flashback~Sinbad

Hey gang! It’s time to laugh yourself silly. I found some some gems on youtube…..just treasures from the past..Sinbad videos 🙂 ah gotta love him. My Dad used to watch this dude. This was back in the 90’s. I think I blocked out that part of my life lol. I was just a kiddo…..but youtube is great for bringing back memories ;). I doubt I understood the humor back then but I sure get it now. Enjoy!

oh man ROFL “Only people without children see you hollering at a child in the mall. ‘Noooo don’t holler at him’ pshhh (slap) shut up you don’t know what you talkin about”

Now I see where my Dad learned his parenting skills lol gotta love it 🙂

ok that video made me laugh the most….esp talking about his mom whippin’ him….gotta watch it to see…

Sinbad~Afros & Bellbottoms

God bless & remember The High King lives!~Amber Dover

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