Crafty Monday: Pirate Party

Hello friends and welcome to crafty Monday 🙂 As most of you know, my son had a Pirate birthday party Saturday. He actually turns 6 this Wednesday. I spent three weeks (staying up late at night) working on the props etc for this party. It was a blast but I’m thankful for rest. I wish I had gotten better pictures of the decor but I was so tuckered out that it just didn’t happen. We were up late Friday night decorating inside. Then we decorated outside Saturday. If you’d like to know our piratey playlist for the party check out my blog post: 

Media Saturday: Piratey books, movies, & music for Pirate themed party

Let the pirate pictures begin 🙂

First there were the handmade Pirate invitations. I didn’t want a bunch of skulls on everything. So I cut black rectangles and printed the piratey invite on white cardstock. I used special scrapbook scissors to cut the white squares and then I put it on top of the black. I cut out a pirate head with a red bandana and glued it to the side…then I made a treasure chest for the other side. I had to put the time on the bandana because I forgot to include it on the white paper :(.

I found red envelopes at Hobby Lobby. You can see that we have a red and black theme for most of this party. I made sure to use piratey jargon that I found on the net.


For the living room, I hung blue streamers and fishy cut outs (by fishing string). I made the front of the ship out of cardboard pieces then I painted it. I used an old redshirt for the sail and a paper towel roll with black cardboard for the flag. There’s also an anchor made out of cardboard and a fake gold chain. I covered my doll case etc so it wouldn’t take away from the underwater feel.

Michael's 6th bday 009

Michael's 6th bday 011

The palm tree was made out of painted cardboard and poster paper. I had to tape it to my music stand to keep it from bending. I also put out a pineapple candle 🙂

Michael's 6th bday 010

It was all red and black in the kitchen. We completely moved our dining room table. I found the water paper at Michael’s for cheap. The kiddie pool was at Family dollar and the magnetic fish and poles were from Walmart. I also got the growing sea creatures from Walmart. I lined up three of my table stands and covered it with a red plastic table cloth. I got a majority of that kind of stuff from the dollar tree. The balloons kept popping all morning though 🙁 I don’t know if it was because they were cheap or because of the heat. I ended up getting more before the party started. The cups and plates etc were cheap at the dollar tree. I also found red party bags and parrot noise makers there. I put candy, pirate/mermaid stickers, plastic compasses, foam swords, and the noise makers in the bags. I found stuff at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, the Dollar tree, and Michael’s.

Michael's 6th bday 008

Michael was dressed up and ready for the party. I got the Pirate outift many years ago but I made the eye patch out of felt and black string.

Michael's 6th bday 012

I got the idea from:

to make these photo posters. I tried to make mine a little different. I just drew the pictures on posters and painted them. I tied string between a tree and a post then I used clothes pens to hold them up. The adults had to squat for the pics but the kids could walk right up to them.

Michael's 6th bday 014

Me and the hubby were in the spirit 🙂 I made our eye patches as well.

Michael's 6th bday 094

Michael's 6th bday 020

I also got the fishing game idea from Pink & Green Mama’s blog. I could’ve made the magnetic fish and poles but it was easier to buy them.

Michael's 6th bday 023

I printed off a map from the net and then I took the pics on the map and drew them on printer paper. I put the pictures all around at the different stations. So the kids followed the map to the different stations until they got to the treasure chest. I painted a cardboard chest from Michael’s. Then I filled it with goodies (candy, toy soldiers, marbles, special erasers, stickers etc). I buried the chest in our compost pile (not very deep) and put a small shovel beside it. I put the the picture with the X marks the spot on a stick. It said “Dig for buried treasure”. I made sure the kids only took a handful each.

Michael's 6th bday 027

The kids had the most fun on Michael’s playground which became the pirate ship. We took a black shirt and painted it with a white cross then my hubby hung it up on a stick for the flag. I put my son’s stuffed pirate in the window and I put the picture of mermaids on it with the words “Sail the seven seas” (that was part of the map). I left my son’s normal toys out (chalk, badminton, softball bat etc) and the kids had fun with those as well.

Michael's 6th bday 033

I found a Pirate ship pinata at Hobby Lobby. The kids loved this game. The pinata was built well because even after the last kid beat it to the ground it STILL didn’t bust completely open. So I let the kids take turns just beating it until they could get the candy. My hubby pulled the string up and down to make this more of a challenge.

Michael's 6th bday 037

and finally the cake :). I couldn’t find a cake without a bunch of skulls so we just got a beach cake.

Michael's 6th bday 062

I made two of my son’s presents.

First, I made this felt pirate set. I got the idea from a Michael’s felt set that cost alot more than what it did to just make it. I like mine better anyways lol. Michael (my son not the store lol) wants me to make a mermaid for it and that’s on my to do list. Oh and I have to make swords.

Michael's 6th bday 002

The Michael’s felt pirate set. It was $7 I think. Mine is a lot simpler but Michael loves it 🙂

I also put together a piratey and very masculine locket. Michael loves opening up my locket that has pics of him and Chris in it. So far he’s been waiting for me to die so he can inherit it ha! So now that he has his OWN locket maybe he won’t be so obsessed with mine. I found the squid locket at Michael’s and I got the black string at Walmart. I think the squid locket is cheaper at Walmart though. Then I printed index prints of my wedding and anniversary pics and taped them inside. Now Michael can carry our pictures everywhere and no one will pick on him for having a girly locket.

after party2012 011

after party2012 013

This is a pirate peg doll set I made a while ago. It’s a bit worn.


I made this mermaid peg doll set for Michael’s little girlfriend. They were born on the same day and she’s having a mermaid party next weekend. Her mom is my best friend and she’ll probably do a guest blog for me about her party.



Little man racked up on some serious cash at his party. He’s been wanting this castle for awhile now and he got an outdoor playset.

after party2012 001

after party2012 003

I forgot two funny Easter pics in my last post. The shorts is a whole ‘nuther story lol.



God bless and remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

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