Crafty Monday: Bug studies & Painting the Front Door

Welcome friends to another Crafty Monday!

This past week we started the Bug Buddy studies from Danielle’s place:

I highly recommend joining Danielle’s place for even just this study. It’s really worth it but there are also excellent resources for other studies you may do too. I love the Bug Buddy studies because there’s 12 lapbooksΒ  with tons of info on bugs and the Bible. It’s a hands on approach and can be adapted to many ages. I’ve been inspired to make my own lapbooks for some bugs they did not cover (Spiders and Butterflies). I’ll talk about them along and along.

For now I want to show you our first two lapbooks: Seek and Find & Created to do Good Works (Bees)

The first lapbook was about finding bugs & seeking God. We also talked about how we don’t always see bugs but we see what they’ve done. It’s the same with God. We see him through creation, His word, and in peoples’ lives.

Michael found pictures of insects in magazines and put them in a bug “jar” on the folder.

Then he really looked for bugs outside with Dad. We didn’t keep the bugs long. We didn’t want to break the bug seeker’s code πŸ˜‰

We also painted our front glass door for the fun of it. It looks great for spring πŸ™‚

The next lapbook was about Bees and how God gave them very important jobs. Bees pollinate plants which in turn give us food. So we really need bees. Well, God gave us special jobs too and we mean more to Him than bees. We are created in His image. So Michael learned some bee facts and wrote down a list of all the good things He can do.

We also found a kewl pollination idea on Pinterest:

We used Doritos to pollinate the “flowers”. It was great.

Also little man made peanut butter & honey popcorn with his Dad. Later, we watched the “Bee Movie”. I also found great educational videos on youtube.

Michael made a bee out of his foot print but it turned out a bit funny. He’s probably getting to old for this but who cares πŸ™‚

Next week, we’ll focus mainly on butterflies and this craft lesson I found that teaches the Holocaust (on an elementary level).Β  Also, our bug studies will feature some less popular bugs. So please join me next Monday πŸ™‚

God bless and Remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover

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