Crafty Monday: Jet Pack, the Four Seasons, and a Jar of Stars

Hello friends, I hope you had a lovely weekend. We finished up our space crafts last week. Pics below 🙂 Enjoy!

Jet Pack

Well, this wasn’t so much a space craft…..but it was fun. We saved two Pepsi bottles (2 liters). We got inspiration from this site:

We did things a little different. Instead of spray painting the bottles we put grey paint inside them and shook it up. The paint never dried though so we have to shake the bottles before we use them lol.

Then I glued cardboard to the back. I tried several types of glue and they didn’t hold. So I just duck taped the thing, Then I punched holes and tied ribbon to make the straps.

Michael cut strips of construction and tissue paper (orange and yellow) then we taped them to the bottom.

A Jar of Stars

I simply broke open a glow bracelet inside a mason jar. The glow doesn’t last long but it was kewl 🙂

The Four Seasons

I got the printable from:

Michael learned how the sun affects the seasons. He also learned about how the earth rotates.

I just love his expressions 🙂 lol

We haven’t had a chance to do this project yet…but my buddy Rachel had a great Spacey dessert on her blog:

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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4 comments on “Crafty Monday: Jet Pack, the Four Seasons, and a Jar of Stars

  1. 3 new great ideas that I will be swiping! I know he was all over that jet pack! And Mags would go crazy over your jar of stars! Awesome!

    (Thanks for the plug!) 🙂

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