Virtual Friday: Immersive Art & 1920’s Berlin

Hello friends! Today I take you to Ce’nest pas une peinture for immersive art and then a glimpse of 1920’s Berlin. Come, let’s take a short trip to the virtual world of Second Life. Enjoy the pics!

Ce’nest Pas Une Peinture

You can check out this unique work of art here:

Visit LEA15 (116, 77, 93)


It was neat flying through the art.

ce'nest pas une peinture

1920’s Berlin

Visit Berlin here:

Visit 1920s Berlin (27, 130, 24)

I took a trip as an adult avatar over the holidays. You have to be a “virtual” adult to visit 1920’s Berlin. It’s a PG environment but they just have that rule. Also you have to dress the part….hence the old fashion clothes. I only have a couple of pictures from the cafe. My computer was slow that day. There’s much more to explore so check it out. 🙂

Berlin 1

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

**Virtual Friday Disclaimer: Sometimes sims shut down or change owners. So there’s always the possibility that a link I give you may have changed by the time you get there. I have no control over that or what you may see if the sim has changed.

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