Virtual Friday: The Great Marine Adventure

Hello explorers! Today we travel to The Great Marine Adventure in Second Life. This will be the last of our ocean journeys for a good while. A mysterious cave will take us to the treasure!

Visit Enchantment Island (168, 108, 23)

Here I am wading through the lagoon.

underwater cave

Here’s the actual entrance. I didn’t need a suit since I was in mermaid gear.


The graphics are a bit old for Second Life. The amusement park it’s in has been in Second Life for several years. I got a couple neat photographs.

Old ship with sharks


First I found a map and I followed the arrows to the treasure.



There were fake treasure chests everywhere.


Just old socks!

old socks

Here’s the prettiest area.


Lastly, the treasure which included several freebies.


Well, folks I leave you with pics of my nifty outfit and you can see some of my bedroom. I really need a better graphics card…

new outfit








God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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