Appreciate a Dragon Day: A Random January Holiday

Hello, dear ones! January 16th was Appreciate a Dragon Day. It’s one of the two random January holidays that my family chose to celebrate to stave the winter blues. Here’s how we celebrated :).

Michael as a dragon

Dragon Day Decor

The Food:
Dragon Fire Balls~ cheese puffs
Firedogs~ hot dogs
Dragon Eggs~ speckled jelly beans



Origami Dragon~ Chris made this and was so fed up with it that he didn’t want to teach us lol.


Become a Dragon


I tried different methods I had found on Pinterest to make the scales but to no avail.

The wings are made from clothes hangers and tulle. I found the dragon (ninja) vests at the Dollar Tree.
Michael as a scary dragon.

Chris refused to dress up. So the dog became his guinea pig. Tessa the fierce!

I felt more like the Avatar chic than an ice dragon. Oh well!

Michael colored a dragon mask.


My attempt at Dragon Egg nail art. Yeah, another fail.

Draw a Dragon


Michael’s chubby dragon. We decided that he eats lollipops all day.


My cute dragon. She lives in the mountains and shoots ice.


Chris’ scary dragon. I wouldn’t want to cross paths with this one!


Sheep Toss~ This is a game inspired by a How to Train Your Dragon party. I used cotton balls and construction paper for the sheep. I found the dragons and the red container at the Dollar Tree.


Michael and I tied. Chris won. Yeah, my dragon silhouette banners fell down.

Dino/Dragon Dig ~ I got this kit at the Dollar Tree awhile back. Chris had to help Michael. That dino was well buried! You may be wondering why I have a dino for Dragon Day. Well, we believe in Creation Science and that dragons were the name for dinosaurs before people started using that word. More info in the links.

Famous Dragons Quizzes ~ I put this together myself. I’m unable to share documents but I can give you the pictures if you want to use these. I just ask that you link back to my blog if you want to share ;).


We finished the night with dragon themed shows. There are plenty to choose from. My quizzes should give you several ideas.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

*You can use these printables for personal use. Please direct others to this blog post and not the direct picture link. Click on the pictures to enlarge and print. Thanks!

Famous Dragons Quiz


Famous Dragons answer sheet

Famous Dragon Quotes Quiz
Dragon Quotes

Famous Dragon Quotes answer sheet

Dragon Quotes Answers

Dragon/dino Pinterest link:

Could dragons be dinosaurs?

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