Once Black Swan Party

In this post: Mom, Michael, and I celebrated Once Upon a Time Season 5 by having a Black Swan party! We’ve got the Dark One’s Dagger, the Author’s pen, and the story book.  Also, there’s swan decor & sweets, a swan art lesson, and a Captain Swan bracelet. Come have fun!

Hello dear ones! I’ve missed you! I’m so excited to post my first real post on my new website amberdover.com . It has been a very long time, and I’ve been working super hard to beautify and increase the functionality of my blog. So thank you for sticking with me!

Mom, Michael, and I had a Black Swan party for the beginning of Season 5 of Once, back in September. Now that we are waiting for the second half of the season to start tonight, I figured this would be a great time to share our party.

In Season 5 part A, Emma Swan becomes the Dark One a.k.a the Dark Swan. Emma takes the darkness into herself so she can protect the ones she loves. The first half of the season is all about the other characters bringing Emma back from the dark side, especially her beloved Captain Hook. There’s a huge twist to all this, but I won’t spoil it for you. Meanwhile, we see Regina playing substitute savior, and Henry is the new author. I made several related props for the party but first…

Once profiles

Here’s a link to my first Once party. There are some great ideas for a Once marathon. The theme is general Once and should work for any season.  Now…

Link to my first Once Partyhttp://amberdover.com/2014/05/23/once-season-finale-party/


Back to the Black Swan party!

The set and props

      • Black Swan Display~ a project board from the dollar tree, white feathers, and Once pictures from online.


          • A glass swan & more white feathers


        • a black rose from the Dollar tree. It was in the Halloween section.
        • The Dark One’s Dagger~ a replica of Sting from Lord of the Rings, and fabric letter stickers for Emma’s name.


        • The Author’s book and pen~ a nice pen and wooden hollow book box from Michael’s Craft Store. Then I painted the box.


        • Swan coasters~ chalkboard coasters from the craft store, and I drew swans with chalk.
        • Black and White table ware from the Dollar Tree.


We had a nice dinner and then we ate

          • Swan cupcakes ~ These were the wedding cake flavor from Gigi’s. Then I made the swan by dripping chocolate almond bark on wax paper and letting it harden. I had more to show you, but some of the swans were decapitated.


Mom and I made Once bracelets. Here’s my

  • Captain Swan bracelet~ I got the chain, anchor charm, and feather charm (it’s tilted in the pic) at Michael’s Craft store. I found the picture of Emma and Hook dancing, online. It moved in the frame so it is hard to see their heads.


  • Michael taught us how to draw swans. He used his Draw Write Now book, but I found you a link to use, below.




We had a

  • character photo shoot

And we made

  • Bleach Spray T-shirts~ I made stencils with contact paper. The bleach bled through too much on Mom and Michael’s shirts, so I used fabric paint to write on them.


Mom was Regina with her fake apple, a Dollar Tree find again.



Michael was Henry with the Author’s pen and book.


I was Emma with her pony tail, Black Swan nails, and Dark One Dagger.


Well, I hope you enjoyed the party and that you are inspired!

More ideas on my Pinterest:


And Fiction Food’s blog has some great treat ideas. I think I may use them for tonight. Only a couple more hours!


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Look above if you’re on a regular computer, and look under my menu if you’re mobile, for my themed parties page. You will find more party ideas there.

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