Purim 2016

In this post: Our Purim celebrations and a nifty craft idea.

Hello, dear ones! Purim has past but you can start preparing for next year. If you are new to Biblical holidays, Purim is a Biblical feast that celebrates God saving the Jews through a brave Jewish queen, Queen Esther. Purim is important to Christians because Jesus and the apostles were Jewish. Plus it’s fun learning about the Bible this way. The story of Esther is such a beautiful tale of courage, and of God’s faithfulness to answer prayer. You can read the story in the Old Testament book of Esther.

Purim 2016

  • We have a tradition of decorating like royal Persians. We bring out banners and flowers.  We put up paper Haman ears. We have peacock ornaments because it was the royal bird of Persia. Queen Esther was taken captive and forced into a “Miss Queen of Persia” contest if you will. Historically King Xerxes was not an easy man to be around. Esther (Hadassah in Hebrew) risked death and came unannounced before the King, to plead for the Jews, who were being persecuted by Haman. This story is amazing. I encourage you to read it in the Bible first, and then check out one of the neat movies. The movies are of course romanticized, but still good. One Night with the King is one of my favorites.



  • We had a yummy feast of filet mignon, sweet potato, and asparagus.
  • Then we played the Queen Esther Dancing dreidels game. We watched SuperBook’s Esther movie and shook our Haman and Esther noise makers. We cheered for Esther and her cousin Mordecai. We boo-ed for Haman.









  • We have a tradition of making Hamantaschen AKA “Haman Ears” or “Haman Hats”.  They didn’t do so well this year. They turned into jam biscuits :(. You have to fold them just right or they open up.


I’ve got a bunch of Purim ideas and recipes saved on my Pinterest here:


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How does your family celebrate Purim? I’d love to hear from you! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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