Life with Baby in Wonderland

In this Post: Join me for Baby in Wonderland! I’ve got Alice and the Red Queen discovery bottles, a White Rabbit photo shoot, and Wonderland entertainment for baby.

Hello, dear ones! How’ve you been? We’ve been quite mad around here, but the best people are 😉 . Leeland is technically a toddler but I’m not ready to call him that yet. Plus, Baby in Wonderland sounds better than Toddler in Wonderland. Michael’s been reading Alice in Wonderland and we’re gearing up for a big movie party before we see Through the Looking Glass in the theater. I wanted to get Leeland in on the fun. There are actually some nifty Wonderland themed entertainment for babies.  I’ll share :).

  • Little Baby Bum is Leeland’s favorite youtube channel. Yes, he has one. Anywho, they have a video of The Lion and the Unicorn, a rhyme that appears in Through the Looking Glass. You can see it below.

  • Jennifer Adams has a delightful book series for babies, based on classical works (ex: Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet etc…). I found the WONDERful book below, at the library with the other board books. This Alice in Wonderland book for littles, is super simple but the artwork is gorgeous. The first page shows the White Rabbit and simply says “White Rabbit”. There’s also “purple bottle” and “blue caterpillar”. You get the picture. Take a peek at the link below:


I’m so excited to share this next project. When Michael was little I made several sensory boxes. Discovery bottles are now the trend, and I’ve made a few for Leeland. I started saving our honey and syrup bottles. Lord willing, one day I’ll do a post on all the discovery bottles I’ve made. For now, I present:


  • Alice and the Queen of Hearts Discovery Bottles– These were easy to make. I painted Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup bottles. My hubby scraped off the labels and wiped them with rubbing alcohol. Then I filled the bottles with little treasures, water, glitter, and dish soap. I’ve learned it’s best to use only a small drop of soap. Too much soap equals too many bubbles when you shake the bottles.  So, you may be wondering what Wonderland themed treasures I put in my bottles. I’ll break it down for you…



For the Alice Discovery Bottle, I used blue and white beads. Some of the blue beads were butterflies to represent the blue caterpillar (he changes in the movie).


I found Wonderland themed jewelry pieces at Hobby Lobby. I have the following charms: the White Rabbit, the catterpillar and mushroom, and the “Drink Me” bottle.


The Queen of Hearts


For the Queen of Hearts Discovery Bottle, I used black, red, and white (more clear) beads. The clear beads were white roses.I also had black heart beads.


I believe I found the playing cards and card suits symbols in the buttons section.


Leeland approves of these toys. The only issue I’ve had is trying to keep him from sucking the paint off the bottles. He’s teething…always.


I hope you are inspired by these WONDERfilled Discovery bottles. If you make your own please link back to me, and I’d love to hear about it in my comment section too.





Now, moving on to the…

  • White Rabbit photo shoot

I think I had more fun with this than Leeland. I’m sure he’ll get me back one day.


The costume was easy to throw together. Here’s how I did it.


  • I got the hat off of a teddy bear, and I sewed on felt ears.


  • I used face paint from Halloween to give Leeland his bunny nose and whiskers.


  • The tuxedo onesie came from either Walmart or Family Dollar, around Valentine’s. The coat belonged to my Dad when he was little and has been passed down through my boys.



  • Lastly, I made a construction paper pocket watch. I used a jewelry chain and safety pins to keep it on.



  • The spread was simple: a blanket, plates, teacups, a teapot, and chess pieces. We also had the Door Mouse and the March Hare.


  • Michael and I got in on the fun, as Alice and the Mad Hatter. Our costumes weren’t as intricate though.




It was hard to keep Leeland’s hat on. Things fell apart quickly! 🙂



Afterwards, we changed and had a real picnic.


Here’s what else I’m working on…



Lord willing, those posts will be coming soon. I’ve also been busy in Second Life.


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I hope you’ve been inspired to create your own “madness” ;)! God bless & remember the High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

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