Dear Me: With Scars

Hello, dear ones! Today I’m starting a new series called “Dear Me”. I’ve kept a journal since I was young, and now that I have a little more wisdom I’d like to write to my younger self. I pray you will be encouraged too!

I begin with a recent journal entry, but my other posts will deal with older entries from my teenage years and 20’s. This entry is the kick off you could say. Here it is. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover
Dear Me with Scars


The entry reads:

Father God,

I’m planning on doing a blog series based on my old journals. It’s hard, though. I feel like I’m looking at a bunch of scars. I’m trying to resist the temptation to re-open them all. How can I read my history without re-feeling all the pain and anger? Without becoming depressed? I want to grow from this experience and encourage others but I’m scared. Lord Jesus, please help me. Guide my pen/fingers. Thank you, Father, for your grace and love. Please hold me close as I walk through the flames of yesterday. You will be my shield.

Love always, your Amber



My reply:

“Dear Me with Scars,

I’ve learned that scars should be reminders but they should not be relived. I know this is easier said than done. When you read your journals your mind automatically goes back to the past…all the hurt and pain comes to the surface. For some reason, pain is easier to remember than joy. Pain resonates on a deeper level.

You may feel like a wounded little girl or a heart broken bride…maybe a scared young mom, but take note: You are NO longer those people. The past has shaped you. The pain from yester year has influenced your present, but you are not the past. You’ve grown, Girl with the Scars. You’ve become wiser. You’ve overcome and endured by God’s grace.

Those deep scars are like trophies. They represent victories, because you are STILL here. Those painful experiences didn’t kill you. Don’t let Satan steal your joy. Don’t revert to the immature self-wounding person you were. You have changed.

Use your scars to teach those who are just starting the journey you’ve already walked. So many wiser than us, have marked the trail we are about to take. These trail blazers have given us hope when all was dark. You can be a trail blazer too. Don’t waste your tears, pain, and scars. Dear Me with Scars, chin up and carry on.


an Older You”

2 comments on “Dear Me: With Scars

  1. Yes, hopefully, we all become wiser with age and experience. Some people miss out on the gold nuggets of wisdom and lessons learned. We can’t change our past no matter how hard we try. But, we can take it and use what God has given us, like the ability to forgive others and ourselves and so much more. I guess if I had to talk to the younger me, I would say; stop and think before you leap, and don’t always believe that everyone else knows more than you do. I hope Amber that younger people will see your blog and it will make them think……and be aware of things around them. Though the innocence and naiveness come with being young, we still pray their eyes open. love, Mom

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