Through the Looking Glass Party

In this postOur Through the Looking Glass party, Wonderland crafts & eats, and Michael’s Little Big Planet Wonderland.

Hello, dear ones! I hope you are well. I finally finished our next Wonderland post. The family and I had a Through the Looking Glass party to get ready for the release of the new movie. It took some time getting together. We really had a blast and went all out. This was a family affair for sure. I’m very happy about the creativity this party brought out in Michael. He was eager to contribute his own Wonderland works, which I’ll be sharing (one in video form!). Although our Through the Looking Glass party took time and work, it wasn’t hard to do. Just sprinkle in a little whimsy and you’ve got Wonderland. Without further ado…here it is.

The set~ I had so much fun working on this set. It contains so much wonder: large playing cards, a mushroom, lights, mirrors, teacups , flowers, and a bunch more. It was absolutely magical at night.


    • The mushroom ~ I painted white spots on a red table cloth and draped it over an umbrella. I found mushroom solar lights at Family Dollar.


    • The Caterpillar ~ Leeland happened to have a rocking caterpillar toy. I got it at Walmart.
    • Hanging mirrors ~ I bought the silver hand mirrors at the Dollar Tree. I tied them to our gazebo with clear string. They really sparkled in the lights.
    • Lights ~ The string of big bulbs came from Family Dollar. The small strings of butterflies and flowers came from the Dollar Tree. The blinking flowers also came from there.


  • The long mirror is actually a wooden frame with saran wrap on it. It was our magical entrance. Chris put the frame together and I painted it.
  • Big Flowers ~ The big flowers I got from Hobby Lobby along and along. I tied balloons together to make more flowers.
  • Giant playing cards ~ The Hubby cut four rectangles from a piece of siding. I painted them.
  • The pink Flamingo~ I found at the Dollar Tree in the Lua section.
  • I hung the different suits (hearts, diamonds, spades, and clovers) by strings. I cut the shapes from construction paper.


  • I “painted the roses red”. I bought the white fake roses at the Dollar Tree and spray painted parts of them red. Then I intertwined them with our real bushes.


  • The tea party area was fun and filled with yummy treats.


  • I put Leeland’s White Rabbit costume on Teddy (my childhood bear). Another bear played the Mad Hatter. A bunny chair played the March Hare and a stuffed mouse played the Door Mouse. I’ll put a link to my Baby in Wonderland post at the end. Leeland was a much cuter White Rabbit!
  • I bought a five dollar tea set from Walmart and used it for the mini tea party. I also strung up cups and the tea pot on clear string to give the illusion of a magical tea set.


    • I stapled pink fabric on a project board along with pictures from the original Alice in Wonderland book, which aren’t copy righted :).  I made a collage of the pictures using Paint on the computer. I added color, and voila! we had a centerpiece.up close
    • Another centerpiece I made involved a China tea set that I spray painted red. I used hot glue to make pretend tea dripping out of the teapot and cups. I painted the glue brown. I added a white/red rose and playing cards. A chess piece completed the look.
    • I scattered chess pieces all over the table, along with mini paper clocks. Time is a main character in the new movie.
    • I printed Wonderland pictures onto a folder and made them into cut outs to stand around the table. You can see them good by the “Eat Me” Cupcakes. Speaking of food…IMG_6052
      The Food
    • I found the glass “Drink Me” bottle at the Dollar Tree. I filled it grape juice and added a “Drink Me” tag that I got here:
    • I also got the “Eat Me” tag from the same site. I decided that Little Debbie cupcakes looked like they had writing on them and would do for our treats. I wanted to keep it simple. Though I did make our own “Eat Me” cakes at our Mad Hatter Tea Party years ago:
    • We drank our juice in pink flamingo goblets, and we ate our cupcakes and popcorn on flamingo paper plates. I got both at the Dollar Tree.
    • I spread out pillows and blankets and we watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland on our projector screen. I found the old style projector screen at Goodwill for ten dollars! We use it a lot.
    • The baby didn’t watch this version of Alice, but we watched more toddler-friendly versions during the week. Also, Michael read the book. You can see my review and more info on the toddler Wonderland book in my Life with Baby in Wonderland post.IMG_6208
    • I found this great pop-up book from the 80’s at Goodwill. I had to repair parts of it, but it’s wonderful. It’s amazing what you can find at Goodwill!
    • Michael made the Caterpillar scene out of Legos.IMG_6186
    • Chalkboard Door ~ The wonder made it to our chalkboard door as well. I was inspired by the Cheshire Cat scene in the original book. Chris says my cat looks scary, but I always thought the cat was creepy good anyways.IMG_6169
    • Wonderland Charm bracelet ~ I’ve got the “Drink Me” bottle, March Hare, a royal key, and blue and red jewels.
      IMG_6697I had several charms left over from Leeland’s Wonderland discovery bottles. Also, I had some from the Once party I did.IMG_6695
    • Michael and I saw the new movie and took silly photo booth pictures.
    • Origami ~ I found this Wonderland origami set at the Dollar Tree. Michael and I attempted the White Rabbit. It was quite hard.


  • Lastly, Michael made a Wonderland world in Little Big Planet (a game on PS3). You can see it on my Youtube video below. Most of the world he made from scratch!

Michael’s Little Big Planet Wonderland

Well, I hope you enjoyed the wonder. Maybe you will be inspired to create your own. If you do please share in the comments. You can find more ideas at the links below. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Still to come…my virtual Wonderland adventure in Second Life! I’ve been working on it.

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