The Possum Trot Auction

In this post: Our trip to the Possum Trot auction in Seale, auction tips, and a funny Auctioneer Beats video.

Hello, dear ones! There’s a funky fun little gathering happening in Seale, Alabama every Friday night. Out in the country, you will find a nice group of people at the Possum Trot. Now, this may sound like a crazy dance move, but it’s actually a quirky auction beside a quirky museum. The Alabama Museum of Wonder belongs to Butch Anthony, a folk artist who turns the ordinary into odd but nifty pieces of art. The family and I decided to check out the Possum Trot auction. Here’s how it went…



  • Auction every Friday night at 7 pm EST

I had not been to an auction since I was a kid so I was very nervous. A nice person guided us into a building the size of a small church. We sat down on a church pew even. It was the beginning of June so the air was humid, and many people had fans. I didn’t think to bring one. I wasn’t sure what to do so the family and I just sat and watched awhile. 

While the auctioneer was prepping, I went around the back to the concessions stand. I actually ran into a couple from church…small world. The food was great. So, we sat as the main rules were explained…nobody talk to the clerk and such. I decided to take the picture below. I thought I had turned off my camera’s flash, but I hadn’t. Yeah, my flash of lightening got everyone’s attention. The auctioneer called me out on it in a joking way, but I didn’t think he was joking at first. A lady near us assured me that he was just teasing. I was so embarrassed! Don’t kill the little blogger, please!

The children got restless after a half hour. Leeland was the only baby and he enjoyed throwing his toys under the pews. Michael ate several bags of chips and then began complaining about how long we had been there. I wouldn’t budge, though. I was enjoying my old time country feels. I was remembering the auctions my Mema and Papa took me too. There was an art auction and a farming auction. My Papa was a farmer. I remember a big tent and eating boiled peanuts. I also played hide n’ seek with the kids outside of the tent. Well, this auction is a bit different. Kids have to stay inside with their parents. But the people are just as nice and it even began with a prayer. 


I decided to give Michael a break and walk around to the little museum. I’m not sure if this was the Museum of Wonder or a smaller version. There were pictures with skeletons drawn on them and other oddball items. I was thrilled and a bit intimidated to meet the artist Butch Anthony. He seemed to be a nice down to earth man. He even let me get his picture for this blog. You can see a sampling of his art work in downtown Columbus on Broadway.

  • Me and the artist, Butch Anthony



So we went back to the auction and Chris stocked up on more food. I finally decided I wanted to bid on something, but I didn’t know how. I noticed people were raising numbers and I panicked. Shoot! I didn’t have a number. I asked the nice lady behind me where I could get a number and she pointed to the front…right next to the auctioneer. I felt like a dunder-head for having my flash on earlier. I did not want to get that close to the man. I was still embarrassed, so I begged Chris to get me a number. He wouldn’t…so I crept up to the front with my head down. There was a lady at a table. I gave her my license and filled out a form to receive a number. Then I slumped back to my seat. So, if you go, remember to get a number when you first get there!

More Auction tips:

There were two vendors that night, well, at least for the time we stayed. I finally found something I wanted with the second vendor. He was selling a bunch of tricycles…metal and plastic. I bid on the three tricycles but got confused. I lifted my number twice and bid higher against myself because I thought someone else had bid against me. The auctioneer was nice enough to not take advantage of my mistake, and he reminded me that he was keeping my bid at the lower price. I had to wait for the clerk to tally up the prices before I could get my items and pay for them. I wasn’t very patient and the kids were tired and cranky. Finally, I went to pay at the front, when they began a raffle. Before I could pay, my number was called. I ended up getting the tricycles for free! I left the Possum Trot with a smile on my face. I think I’ll go back…maybe in the Fall when it’s cooler. If I see more of the museum I will be sure to share!

I hope you give Possum Trot a try if you are ever this way. I think old time auctions like this are a great taste of the South. You’ll meet some nice down to earth folks and maybe go home with a treasure!

Before we went to the auction, I helped Michael make up his own rap. If you are brave you can whisper a rap as the auctioneer calls and see if you can keep up with him. We didn’t attempt it, but it’s funny how auctioneers sound like they are rapping. We also got a book on rhyming.  Here is a video of auctioneers “rapping”. Enjoy! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Check out Butch’s website here:



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