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In this post: Family movies with tasty treats and fun activities! The BFG, Space Jam, Lilo and Stitch, & The Best Bad Thing.

Hello, dear ones! I hope you are well. We’ve been keeping busy this summer. Family time is super important to me. Although, too much t.v. time can be harmful, an occasional family movie can bring everyone together and teach lessons that kids may not absorb any other way. Michael has read several books this summer and watched the movies that go with them, but we didn’t do activities with them all. Here are the family movies we did take up a notch, with tasty treats and fun activities!

The BFG~ I read the book to Michael and then he decided to read it again on his own. When we went to Jesup we watched the movie at the Drive-In. Later we had a treat and activity to go with Camp Dover (our at home camping fun).

  • Dream Cake in a jar ~ boxed vanilla cake mix batter separated and then mixed with a different food coloring each ( 2-6 drops depending on the color you want). Grease a glass jar and use a spoon to drop different layers into it. Bake according to the box and frost with rainbow chip frosting once cooled. Don’t worry it won’t make you whizzpop!




Other Camp Dover activities

  • Bug Fun ~ Michael drew bugs from his bug book and painted them with puffy paint. He used green construction paper for the grass.


  • Looking for “Bugs” in the Dark


I used glow sticks and plastic bugs.


  • Camping in the school house~ I’ll have a post (Lord willing) on our new school house soon. This is a sneak peek.


Michael and I didn’t last the whole night before we went inside the house.


Space Jam~ Ah…a 90’s classic. Space Jam came out when I was a kid. Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny were some of my favorite people ;)…and this movie made them a combo. Below, you can see a Michael Jordan card from his glory days. I found it in a bag of memorandums. I was stoked to share a piece of my childhood with my sons. We are hoping to get Michael involved with Upwards Basketball this year. Here’s a little-known fact about me: I was a basketball cheerleader briefly as a kid, for a team called the cubs. I cheered for one game and then I had to move. I never cheered again. Sob…

  • I made basketball cookies by painting with food coloring and a q-tip. We added them to ice cream with cool whip and a cherry.


  • I brought the kids’ basketball hoop inside so they could “play” while they watched the movie.


Lilo & Stitch

I love Lilo and Stitch. It is a movie that will encourage any broken family. Also, my dog Annabelle looks like Stitch. She’s just as “smart” too :).  Lilo & Stitch happens in Hawaii…so of course, that was our theme.

  • First, I drew a beach scene on our chalkboard door. You can see Lilo waving.


The mermaid was a fun extra!



  • I gathered up beach stuff, lights, and just anything that felt like Hawaii and used it to decorate around the TV. I covered little stools with a cloth and decked them with finger foods: mini pickles,

Pigs in a Blanket,

and Chips with artichoke dip.

My Family Rocks! Sunday: Meals That Stretch and Comfort


We had brownies with ice cream for dessert and


Taste of Belize Remix to drink. I had to use cranberry juice and Sprite because there wasn’t any Cranberry Sierra Mist. Here’s the original recipe:

Amber’s Taste of Belize & Outdoor Movies


  • Michael read a book about Hawaii for his state study of the day.


  • I decorated with grass skirts and paper lanterns.


  • I made fake sand for the water table. I’ll share more about that in my next Toddler Life post. I’ll add the link as soon as I publish it.
  • Another idea is to play music by Elvis. Sing and dance! You could even dress up like the “King”.


  • The Best Bad Thing~ This movie wasn’t included in the title picture, but it is a great family flick with a bit of history and a moral lesson. The year is 1935. A spoiled American Japanese girl goes to stay with her highly traditional poor relatives on a farm for the Summer. She learns to appreciate her heritage and we all learn a lesson on prejudice. We had an American Asian meal…that came from the freezer section. I wish I could tell you that I made everything from scratch on this one, but noooo…everything was premade. Now, that I’m trying to eat healthier I suggest you look for healthy versions. We didn’t have any activities but I have some ideas from past posts.


Sushi, Samurai, and Baunraku

Middle Ages Week 2: Japan and the Franks


Sumo Wrestling

The 1600’s Week 1: The Flying Dutchman & Sumo Wrestling

Read the book the movie is based on, by Yoshiko Uchida and do a study on the 1930’s and immigration. Here are some ideas for the 1930’s.

Crafty Monday: Time Machine Studies:1925-1950 & Italy Country Study

Well, I hope you are inspired. God bless and remember the High King lives! (Jesus…not Elvis)

~Amber Dover

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