Toddler Life: Water Table Sensory Play

In this post: Five ways to use a water table for sensory play.

Hello, dear ones! Here’s the second Toddler Life post and it’s all about the fun you can have with a water table. I never had a water table with Michael, but I’m really enjoying creative water play with Leeland. Even Michael gets in on the fun. Here’s how…

Water Table Play

  • Water Table the Regular Way~ This one is a no-brainer, but I had to share this cute pic of my boys. Water play can keep littles busy for a long time. When I worked at an early learning center I would keep my students busy with the water table. They had a blast and it was easy to clean up. The other teachers thought I was crazy, but I’d rather wipe up water than pick up dozens of toys. Anywho, every water table needs cups and bath toys. Another fun addition is sponges. Now, keeping the sandbox by the water table is a phenomenal idea if you want to make sand castles. It also makes the water messy, but who cares when you’re outside. When you’re inside you’ll want to put down towels, a plastic table cloth, or a blanket. You can add bubble bath to spice things up a bit.


  • Fake Sand (used during our Lilo & Stitch movie night)~ I promised I’d include details on our fake sand. The fake sand is mainly made of wheat flour. It’s safe and edible. Shovels and other sand toys are called for. We added plastic palm trees to make it feel like the beach. You can add blue pebbles and sea shells if your kiddo won’t eat them. Leeland eats most things. Here’s the recipe for fake sand:

Toddler-Safe Play Sand & Beach Small World


  • Breakfast~ So I experimented with this one. Yes, Cheerios got everywhere. Yes, many went to waste. I don’t know if Leeland had fun with breakfast at the water table. He may have thought it was just a weird way to eat cereal. He used the measuring cups to scoop some, but I think he was a little too young to see the thrill of it all. Maybe we will try this again when he’s two.


  • Cars & Fake Mud~ Oh, what a mess! Leeland really enjoyed sticking his hands in this gooey masterpiece. I’m glad I had a plastic cloth down.I let the boys watch Cars while playing with cars in the fake mud. The “mud” stuck to the tires and made it hard to drive the cars. The boys didn’t care. They had fun with this beautiful disaster. I used leftover decorations from the boys’ construction party. I’ll be posting about that party in the near future (Lord willing).

Here’s the recipe for fake mud

The ingredients are very unique. Michael helped me make it.


The boys also built block cities.



Nana’s city


  • Frozen Water Table~ This is my favorite table. We watched the movie Frozen while enjoying a snowy ice cold water table. Arctic animals joined us, and even an ice dragon and Aslan, because Narnia was once covered in snow. Mr. Beaver is there too. My childhood Cinderella doll became the snow Queen. A frozen rag became a home for the penguin. Fake snow and frozen balls of ice helped us escape the Summer heat. I used a sand castle mold to freeze an ice castle. I put socks and cotton balls in the freezer long enough to chill. Then we had a snowball fight with them. I included tooth pics to use for snowman arms. I covered the floor with a light blue plastic cloth. I brought out our stuffed polar bear.

Here’s the recipe for fake snow. It’s even cold!






Let it go! Let it go!


Leeland cuddled up with his arctic pals and I read him Snow Babies.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! Please leave me some comment love if these ideas have inspired you. Also, I love to hear any inspiration you want to give me.

~Amber Dover

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2 comments on “Toddler Life: Water Table Sensory Play

  1. I found you on MBC-I enjoyed this post and LOVE my water table. It goes a long way on a hot summer day. I never thought of using a theme. I’m totally setting up the Frozen table on the last days of summer.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Elizabeth! I’m glad you were inspired. The Frozen table was a lot of fun. I imagine there are a number of themes that can be explored. Your kiddos are so cute! They really are at a fun stage. I’m thankful that my youngest is bringing back the toddler fun for us! God bless!

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