Why We’re Together Date & Love Box

In this Post: A sweet date full of memories and a beautiful box to put them in. Also, a bouquet of bacon!

Hello, dear ones! I’ll be married twelve years soon. Sometimes I forget why I fell in love with my hubby and who we were in the beginning. Years run together and it feels like life is throwing darts at us. We’re just trying to dodge the junk that would destroy our marriage. At times we get confused who the real enemy is and there is friendly fire. In those times a couple needs to remind themselves that they are on the same side. They need to go back to the beginning…when they first chose their partner for their team. I came up with this date to help us remember Why We’re Together. I hope you are inspired :).

Before I get started with our date, I want to show you the memory box AKA love box that I put together. I found this beautiful box at Michael’s Craft Store on sale. I added golden letter stickers for me and the hubby’s names. Then I filled it with our memories…pictures, letters, and other memorandums.

  • Love Box



  • Our date starts with love notes and clues that lead Chris to my location. I left notes in the house with instructions.




  • I got to the park early and drew chalk hearts with arrows leading to me.




  • I set up a picnic on top of the hill by the lake.


  • I had a good view of the path and Chris following the hearts.


  • We had a little company. Two ducks, I believe a male and female, came to our romantic picnic. Maybe they were having a date too?



  • After our picnic, we watched our wedding DVD in the van. I’ve yet to do this, but I plan on printing out our vows and framing them.

I hope you are inspired to create your own romance :). This would be a great anniversary date. It was so nice to watch us saying our wedding vows. We were so young. There was a light in our eyes. I think this date helped us remember life before babies, deployments, funerals, chronic pain, and college. Yeah, we’ve had a lot of that sickness and health, better for worse- stuff. But way back when, we were simply just a boy and a girl that chose to love each other forever. We’ll always be those two people in our hearts. Keeping the light in our eyes takes work. A good marriage doesn’t stay together by accident. You have to be willing to fight FOR each other, not against each other. I hope you fight for yours.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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