The Junk Food Kid Comes Clean? Week 1

In this Post: Clean eating with a little Paleo, a little gluten-free, and about 30 % wiggle room! Can this Junk Food Kid get it together? Can health food actually taste good? Come find out and see the recipes I used for week one.

Hello, dear ones! Well, I’m finally doing it…biting the bullet and coming clean. When I was a teenager I had a teacher friend/mentor that called me the Junk Food Kid. I balked at chickpeas and pita. Just give me chocolate and Coca-Cola! I didn’t need that green stuff! Well, Mrs. Carole, I’m changing my ways…overall. Did I mention that 30 % of wiggle room?

Okay, so I have tried to cut out bad foods before, and I’ve had seasons of success. But usually, my motives were to please others…like that one time I was in a cult. Yeah, that time. Anywho, thankfully I learn from my mistakes. This time, my motivation is my own health. My Endometriosis and inflammation are getting me down. I really want to feel better. I’ve known that my Coca-Cola and sugar addiction has to be broken. I’m happy to say that I haven’t been drinking them except on special outings. My sugar issues are a little better but I do drink organic sodas and use natural sugars to sweeten desserts. I just have to be careful that I use moderation.

Awww….diet, what a scary word! There are so many diets or “lifestyles” as some are called. There’s Paleo, Whole 30, Gluten Free, the Endo diet, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, the low cholesterol diet, and so much more. Which one should I choose? Well, the Endo diet for my Endometriosis cuts out all sugar, chocolate, dairy, grain, and red meat. I know I can’t make that into a lifestyle. I can, however, cut back on trigger foods, especially around my monthly.


Paleo seems to help a lot of people with my health issues. Still, I don’t even believe in an ancient Paleo man. I believe in Creation science (young Earth), and I have no problem with grains and dairy. I believe the issue with modern day grains and dairy is how much we add to them or take away from them. I believe hormone-free milk and farm raised eggs are good for us. I believe unbleached and organic grains are good for us. I think we should use moderation with all food, and use “real” ingredients.

My problem is that I never limited myself, and I would eat a lot of fast food. I’m sure the fast food hamburgers had hormones in them. I’m not dissing Paleo at all. I know other creationist who enjoy the diet although they don’t believe in a paleo man. I’ve heard good things about the diet, but I know I can’t sustain that lifestyle 100 %.   I feel the same way about Gluten Free. I’ve already been tested for Celiacs and the test was negative. Gluten does seem to bother some Endo. symptoms so I want to cut back when I can. So, you will see a little of this diet and a little of that diet, but I’m not all into one.

My goal is to cut non-organic sodas out completely, to reduce my sugar intake, to drink more water, and to eat more veggies and fruits. Yes, I have left myself wiggle room. I tend to self-sabotage if I feel overwhelmed. So I’m taking baby steps, and I am proud of those baby steps.

I like my food tasty. My Great Grandpa was a famous chef with his own restaurants. My Dad learned from him and was amazing. I was allowed to cook at an early age.  So, I have a picky palate. I’m inviting you to join my journey and I will be honest about what tastes good and what doesn’t (in my opinion of course). Here we go!

What will I drink?


  • La Croix– is a sugar-free soda water. The fizz gives the illusion you are drinking a Coke. The taste is lacking, though. I had to train myself to drink La Croix. Michael still won’t drink it. I can’t chug this drink. I have to take sips. I can easily drink La Croix now, after almost three weeks.  Sometimes I just want something cold and fizzy. La Croix does the trick. I drink the orange flavored soda water. I have the lemon but haven’t tried it yet. I’ll let you know when I do.
  • Pineapple Coconut Water (Vita Coco)~ This water is expensive, but the whole family likes the taste. I don’t enjoy coconut water by itself. I have to have it with pineapple.
  • Virgil’s Organic sodas– okay, so these are still sodas, but they don’t have caffeine and they use raw sugar with real spices. I love the rootbeer and Dr. Better. Dr. Better really does taste better than Dr. Pepper. I had no idea they used prune juice in both until Chris told me. I usually only drink one or half and split it with Michael.
  • Water– yep, plain ol’ water. I have heard that Alkaline water is even better. I haven’t tried it though.
  • Apple juice
  • Tea with coconut sugar~ Chris drinks more tea than me these days, but I hear coconut sugar is a healthy alternative. I also have raw unbleached cane sugar. My Mom used honey until she trained herself to drink unsweetened tea. I’m not that brave yet.

What will I eat?


Veggies! Fruit! Okay, I’ll be more specific. I will say that I bought more fresh ingredients than I ever have, with this week’s grocery trip. I tried vegetables that I had never tried or maybe I just don’t remember trying them. I know I didn’t buy them for my family, specifically zucchini and avocado.


I discovered that our local market is really great for good deals, and Aldis is even better (when they aren’t sold out). So, Marvin’s Market and Aldis are my go-to stores. I may pick up Virgil’s at Winn Dixie, or hard to find items at Fresh Market or Publix. I found dates with the pits at Fresh Market. Marvin’s Market had them without the pits, but they don’t taste as juicy. Walmart used to be my go-to store, but there are only a few organic products and they are expensive. Aldis is much better.


What did we eat our first week?







These are good if you don’t label them pizza. They taste like a yummy way to eat veggies, but they were nothing like pizza, according to my family. So I dub them just zucchini boats! We will eat these again for sure, but we will stick to regular pizza if we crave pizza.


I’ll go ahead and tell you, these were awesome! Everyone enjoyed these as burgers. We used an organic bread with sprouts and all the good grains. I did add some mayo to mine, which really kicked it up a notch. 30 % wiggle room, remember? PS: The stuff in the blender is a smoothie that I’ll get to later.







My, oh my! These were delicious and filling! I couldn’t finish because it was just way too much. I will definitely be making this recipe over and over. Maybe I will use smaller sweet potatoes with less filling. This meal will stretch a couple nights.


The guys devoured these! I wasn’t too sold. I prefer crust with my pizza bites, and I usually like my sweet potatoes sweet…except for the sloppy joes.



I used organic hormone free milk. I ran out of coconut sugar and used raw sugar cane too.



I had a hard time stirring this, so I added water. It worked the first time, but the second time I made these brownies, they were too chewy.


My final opinion: The first time I made the brownies and added just a bit of water, they turned out fluffy and nice. They aren’t sugary at all, and honestly, as a sugar addict, I just couldn’t love them. The texture is what made me go back for seconds and I had no problem eating these for breakfast with milk. Thankfully, I’ve found that there are healthy desserts that taste like dessert out there. I’ll share those later. My sons liked the brownies the first time, but Chris never liked them. He just doesn’t like avocado. I couldn’t taste the avocado much, but they were too bland. I think I’ll experiment with other healthy brownie recipes.


Michael and I had never had dates before. I only found them (with the pits) at one store, Fresh Market. Chris tasted his first date in Iraq and hates them, but I love them! I found the Coconut Butter at Aldis and I had never had that before either. I was surprised by how delicious and sweet these were. The stuffed dates tasted like a jelly like candy, and they are fruit! I didn’t think that was possible! The blogger from the link above, hit the nail on the head. Just one stuffed date was enough to help my sweet tooth. If I ate more than that at a time I’d be sick. The coconut butter is creamy. The combo works so well. I dare you to try them. Michael loves them too!

Breakfasts ~


I added almond milk to what was left over from popsicles and it made a tasty smoothie. The watermelon overwhelmed the guys, but Leeland did enjoy it for awhile. I think the texture gets to him. Michael just flat out dislikes smoothies…even chocolate ones.



The popsicle makes for a cold breakfast on a Summer morning. This is similar to the banana pancakes. If you love watermelon you will like this, but if not, they might overwhelm you. I’m still deciding my thoughts on these.


I realize this is not a whole week’s worth of recipes. A couple nights I didn’t take pictures or we went to a friend’s house. These were the best recipes of the week, though. I hope I’ve helped you on your journey. God bless & remember the High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

The Junk Food Kid

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