Rio Olympic Fun

In this post: Olympic artwork, a countdown chain, an Olympic matching game, and an origins video. What’s your favorite Summer sport?

Hello, dear ones! We are all about the Olympics over here at the Dover household. I enjoy the races and gymnastics. Since we’re not starting school until they are over, Michael has had a lot of time to watch the games. We did a colorful craft and hung it on his wall. We also did a countdown chain and a matching flag game. I have the link by each picture. Also, I have links to older blog posts of mine when we were learning about South America, and when we had our Family Olympics. How about you? Are you excited about the Olympics? Do you do anything special to celebrate? What sport is your favorite?

  •  Olympic Art ~ Olympic colors with silhouettes, glitter, and sayings painted with white. “Grace Wins Every Time” is from a song I love.



Christ, the Redeemer~ to represent Rio. I found the silhouette here:


Basketball ~ I found a free silhouette online. Michael loves basketball.



  • 100th Anniversary Olympic Barbie from my childhood



  • The origins of the Olympics

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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