The Junk Food Kid Comes Clean? Week 2

In this post: Clean eating with a little Paleo, a little gluten-free, and about 30 % wiggle room! Can this Junk Food Kid get it together? Can health food actually taste good? Come find out and see the recipes I used for week two.

Hello, dear ones! This is week two of my clean eating journey (with 30 % wiggle room). I’m actually getting excited about all the recipes. Cooking with fresh ingredients is time-consuming, but I enjoy the variety. I still have cheat meals every now and then. We are doing better, though. My husband had Burger King recently (we are actually ahead on week 5 at this point) and he said it just tasted awful to him. It had been awhile since he’d eaten it. We had a date night where we  had junk food and I felt so sick. I’m finding that most junk isn’t appealing anymore. I don’t even want to eat Mcdonalds. So if it’s been a rough day and I need something fast, I’m looking at healthier options usually. Though I’ll admit we are still partial to Chik Fila and pizza.

Why and how I’m changing my diet


    • Turkey Breast with Cauliflower   The turkey came pre-seasoned from Aldis. We had issues with the cauliflower cooking. It never softened. I probably did something wrong. So, we added ranch and ate it that way. The sweet corn and cornbread are cheats I guess…or half cheats?



    • Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice   This meal was delicious, but it cost me my slow cooker and part of my fingernail! My slow cooker pot cracked down the side. Thankfully my sweet bestie gave us one she had, and it’s much nicer. Then I cut through my fingernail while chopping the celery. I don’t know why, but I completely got weak-kneed and felt faint. I hate chopping veggies now. I get the heeby-jeebies! I apologize for not having a pic of this meal cooked and ready.


  • Chicken Sausage Hot Dogs and Turkey Burgers with Veggies~ So on one of those days that I needed a break, Chris grilled these healthy alternatives to our favorites. We used organic buns.



    • Boiled peanuts~  I still have a taste for salt, and I was raised to be a goober! I did grow up in SouthEast GA. I figure boiled peanuts are much healthier than potato chips. I can very cheaply make enough for a week and a half. I did add a cup more of salt than the recipe asked for.



After my first mistake, I found that adding the melted mess to ice cream was actually a tasty treat! I have found organic ice cream since, but alas this time, it wasn’t.



    • Paleo Peanut Butter Cups   The first time I made these I didn’t use healthy chocolate chips and completely cheated. Since then I have been using the Paleo dark chocolate instead of melting chips. I love the way it came out. The only problem is that Paleo dark chocolate melts quickly outside of the fridge.


Mmmmmm….and so much cheaper than Reeses!



Breakfast ~ Several smoothies that I froze for later use.


    • Chocolate Raspberry Peach and Cherry Smoothie~ I made this concoction and I’ll admit it’s very tangy. I can’t drink a lot at once.


  • Banana and Spinach Smoothie~ Banana, spinach, yogurt, and milk. This is one surprising way that I’ll eat spinach. Yum!



  • Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti~ I put the squash in the slow cooker at night and it was ready for lunch the next day. Then I just added sauce and cheese. It was yummy!




  • Sandwiches~ PB & J or Turkey sandwiches using sprouted whole grain bread.


Well, thank you for once again joining me on my journey! I hope you are inspired. God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

The Junk Food Kid

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  1. Wow, you are making amazing strides! Keep up the good work! One way to make the cauliflower cook through is to slice it and roast it on a tray. That is my favorite method at least. I brush it with a little oil on each side (with a pastry brush), sprinkle salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder and roast for about 30 minutes at 350. Yum!

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