Toddler Life: Apples

In this post: Apple crafts, books, treats, and sensory play! Also my apple cobbler recipe. 

Hello, dear ones! Well, tot school has officially started. Basically, that means that Leeland enjoys fun learning experiences along with Michael. There’s no curriculum or desk work! Ha! But I do have a plan for what I want Leeland to learn this year….like using the potty and eating with utensils. This month we are all about Fall.

Our homeschool group had an apple day led by my friend Melina. It inspired me to have my own apple theme for Leeland. Last year, we went to Ellijay, Ga and picked apples. I plan to share that trip later this month. This year, we are pretending to pick apples. We’re also eating apples  and drinking apple cider. I’ll share my apple cobbler recipe at the end of this post.

  • I bought organic apple cider from Aldi’s and I read Ciderella, a book we got in Ellijay, to the kids. It’s a cute Cinderella story about a little girl that slaves away on a farm while her stepsisters go to the Harvest Festival. Of course, Ciderella finds a way to go to the festival. She makes the best cider and wins the prince’s heart. It’s the perfect Autumn fairy tale!


  • My friend Melina, went all out to teach our group about apples. She had all kinds of apple treats: apple dumplings, cinnamon apple straws (which is a favorite snack around here), and the kids tried different types of apples.


  • The kiddos made an apple craft by squirting paint on a plate in a salad spinner.



  • The children tried different types of apples and recorded the tasting on a graph.



  • Then Melina played a video of an apple farmer talking about how apples grow and are harvested.


  • Leeland kept busy by exploring the apple centers. This is an apple game.


  • His favorite center was the apple sensory bin. Melina filled the bin with dry oats and peas. She also put in fake apples, pans, and measuring cups.



  • Melina was kind enough to give us the left-overs. I didn’t have fake apples but I had large red wooden beads. We had quite a mess in Leeland’s room! The felt apple tree attached to the tent was from last year when I hosted a Fall festival. I hope to post about that next month. I guess this is a sneak peek!

Fall Celebration 2015



  • Here’s Michael and his buddy Liam. They built wooden platforms to hold their apples. Melina and her husband cut the blocks themselves.


  • Leeland enjoying applesauce. We’ve been letting him use a spoon as much as possible.


  • Apple handprints!


  • Tissue paper apple collage~ I cut contact paper into an apple shape and taped it to the back window. Leeland and I placed torn up red and green tissue paper on it. I had to remind little man to put the paper on the sticky part. So we said “sticky” over and over.




  • Leeland’s apple tree painting~ Chris was killing a bug on Leeland’s wall and in the process a large piece of the wall fell out! The people who sold us this place really took short cuts. We found out that we have no insulation in that room and the wiring is bad. Sigh…at least we know what has to be fixed. I try to be positive. Now, Leeland has his own painting on the wall! 🙂 I may add a blue sky to it later.


Leeland was proud! I love that cheesy grin. He really knows how to smile!


  • Apple Cobbler~ This is just a twist on the peach cobbler recipe I use.


1 cup sugar

1 cup self-rising flour

1 stick butter

3 to 4 apples sliced

3/4 cup of milk

Several dashes of cinnamon

a tsp of vanilla extract

Melt butter in baking dish. Add sugar, milk, vanilla, and apples, mix well. Add flour and cinnamon. Mix until well blended. Bake in 350-degree oven until top is golden brown. Serve with or without whipped cream/ vanilla ice cream.

Well, I hope you are inspired and that you have a beautiful Autumn. Our air is yet crisp, but I pray the weather will change soon. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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