Life with Baby: Sukkot & Fall Crafts 2015

In this post: Baby’s handprint crafts, a mini sukkah, sukkah decor, and family traditions.

Hello, dear ones! Well, Autumn is finally here. The wind is crispy and the night has a little chill. It’s time for campfires, pumpkins, and my favorite holiday…Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles (tents), from the Bible. In 2015, we celebrated Sukkot our 8th year as a family. We will be celebrating our 9th year next week. For now, here’s what we did last year…Leeland’s first year celebrating Sukkot (outside the womb).

If you’re wondering what Sukkot is, just read this post:

Camping, learning about the Bible, and thanking God are big themes for Sukkot. There are several examples of how we celebrate, in that post. Sometimes we camp out in a hotel or a cabin. Every year is different. We’ve camped out in our living room. It just depends on our situation. Here are other places we’ve spent Sukkot.

Helen, Ga

Callaway Gardens & Warm Springs, Ga ~

Enota Mountain & Dahlonega, Ga

In 2015 we did travel for some of Sukkot. We stayed in a cabin in Ellijay, Ga. I will post that link as soon as I write it.

You can find all my fall holiday posts here:



First, let’s start off with a treat…

A Fall Treat~ an apple braid. I was inspired by this link:


Sukkot 2015

Camping is a big part of Sukkot. Sleeping and eating in tents remind us that we are pilgrims just passing through this world. We think of Abraham and Moses wandering in the wilderness and looking for a better city. Around here, we don’t always camp outside.  Sometimes we make tents inside. 


We usually eat outside under our gazebo. It’s not a traditional sukkah, but it works. We also take out our special Sukkot tableware. We have pottery we decorated years ago.


Last year, Michael put on a puppet show. I put a picture of him in this post:



  • Bat Mobile & Candy corn Chains to decorate the sukkah


We also hang up fake vegetables and fruit to celebrate the harvest.


Let’s jump real quick to a few Fall crafts the boys did.

  • Owl~ Michael decorated this little owl.


  • Homeschool Room Door ~ This is before we had our school house, and Leeland had his own room. So this was our last Autumn decorating the door :(. Ahh…so many feels.


  • Fall leaf magnets~ These are easy. Just collect leaves and press them between contact paper. stick magnetic strips to the back and you are set!


  • So Leeland was too little to do much crafting. I did, however, use his handprints. Michael helped too. We made all kinds of handprint crafts…
  • Spider Handprints


  • Campfire Handprints



  • Pumpkin Handprint


  • Mini Sukkah~ Michael decorated a small box and put popsicles and leaves on top. The peg dolls slept on mini sleeping bags.



  • Print Wreath


  • Sukkot Plates with Sharpies~ So usually we paint tableware at the pottery store. This time, we saved money and wrote on plates with Sharpies.


We had a farm theme since we were going to Ellijay. We used stencils from the Dollar Tree.






  • Formula Can Lantern~ A great thing about having a baby is all of the formula cans and baby food jars you can craft with!


These formula can jack-o-lanterns looked fantastic at night!




  • Babyfood Jar Lantern~ The baby food jar didn’t do so well with a face. But we did wrap several with tissue paper (that’ll be in another post) and they looked good.


  • Enjoying an Autumn Fire~ S’mores a traditional camping treat. This is our firepit in our backyard.



  • Picking a Pumpkin ~ After taking the boys to the Albany zoo, we stopped at a pumpkin patch on the way home and chose our pumpkin.


We also took home some yummy boiled peanuts!


  • Pumpkin Guts! 


Pumpkin carving is another Fall tradition. The kids scoop out the guts and Chris carves the pumpkin. This past year, we had a Batman theme going on.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Do you have any Fall traditions? I’d love for you to share in the comments!

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