Fall Celebration 2015

In this post: I hosted an Autumn Celebration for our homeschool group. We’ve got leaves, spiders, pumpkins, apples, scarecrows, owl, and much more! Come craft with us!

Hello, dear ones! I love Autumn (Fall) and I love to craft. My kiddos are in between crafting stages. My eldest, Michael, is ten now and he’s growing out of the fun elementary crafts. If I want to craft with him it’s going to take a lot of time and research. Leeland, my youngest, is 18 months so he’s not quite ready for the  crafts I love. Crafting with him means we will get messy and I have to work at keeping his attention. I have to finish most of his crafts too. But all is not lost! While I’m in this strange period between extreme ages, I have a large variety of children in our homeschool group. Last year, while Michael was 9 and Leeland 6 months, I hosted a Fall celebration and brought out all the Autumn crafts I could think of. It really became a mini festival. Maybe your kiddos will be inspired to try these out. This is what we did.
Fall Celebration 2015

  • Farm animals and apple picking tree ~ I wanted something fun for the toddlers. Also, I knew Leeland couldn’t do the many crafts and games I had. I also knew that I couldn’t watch him and help the other kids. So I decided to do a supervised Tot area. I needed a main attraction and theme. What better for harvest than an apple tree and farm animals? So I sewed felt and fabric onto a kid tent. Then I made felt apples to stick on the tree. I didn’t have any stuffed farm animals, so I just made my own. I am not great at sewing. My mom picked on my poor pig, chicken, and cow toys. I tried. The kids enjoyed them anyways!


I broke the rec room into Centers.

  • Tot Farm ~ I put the apple tree, farm animals, and two electronic toys in  the gated area. Two moms watched the toddlers. I put down a green blanket for grass. Oh, and you can sort of see the orange pumpkin pillow I made.


Leeland had fun!


  • Water Color Leaves ~ The kids made these with crayons and watercolors. I found cheap watercolor sets and crayons at the Dollar tree. I put up an example of different leaves.

Inspiration from here: http://www.growcreativeblog.com/2013/11/fall-art-tutorial-crayon-and-watercolor.html


  • Spider Hats ~ This was a fun craft. I precut the strips for the headbands and legs. I also precut the circles for the eyes. I put up spider facts on the wall.

I was inspired by: http://littlebuggietutu.blogspot.com/2010/10/spider-hat-another-fun-and-easy-kids.html


Look how cute! I’m covering faces for privacy unless I have parental permission.


  • Paper bag Scarecrows ~ I precut some of this craft but I let the kids cut out others. I continued with the facts on the wall.

Inspiration: http://pintsizedtreasures.com/paper-bag-scarecrows/



  • Pumpkin Toss ~ My hubby helped me with this. I painted the pumpkin on a wooden board and he cut out the hole. The bean bags came in an outdoor game kit from Michael’s Craft Store.



  • Pin the Beak on the Owl ~ I found this felt owl mat either at Dollar Tree or Walmart. The kids pinned felt beaks onto it.


  • Candy corn Catapult ~ Chris and Michael put the catapult together. The kids tried to shoot candy corn into the bucket. They really had fun.

Inspiration: http://frugalfun4boys.com/2013/10/11/candy-corn-catapults/


  • Bat Echolocation game ~ The kids really went crazy for this game. One child was the blindfolded bat and the others were insects that buzzed around.

Full directions here: http://twigglemagazine.com/October-activities/Bats-kids-lesson-kindergarten.html


  • Sack Race ~ The sacks came in the outdoor game pack I had bought awhile back. We use these for our family Olympics.


  • The Pumpkin Patch with take-home goody bags and baby food jar pumpkin lanterns ~ I wrapped candy in orange tissue paper and tied it with green pipe cleaners. I glued orange tissue paper on the baby food jars and punched a hole in the lid to put the stem (a pipe cleaner). I put fake tea lights inside.


  • Pumpkin Treats  ~ I didn’t bake all of this. I had the moms bring a fall treat to share. I may have picked up some premade pumpkin cookies. I also played music. I can’t remember what was on the playlist. I’m sure it was related.


This was easy to put together, just time consuming. The kids had a blast, though. I hope you can use these ideas for your own festival. Three events that would really take this up to festival level would be a cake walk, bobbing for apples, and the donut on a string game. You could also paint faces and have a costume contest. Fishing for prizes is great too. I guess it depends on how big of a group you’re going to have. I think my celebration worked well for our small group at that time. Now our group is huge and I may not have done as many crafts. Paper and paint can get costly.

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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