Trumpets 2016

In this post: Our Feast of Trumpets celebration, caramel apple cake, an apple brie chicken braid, and a night sky sensory box. 

Hello, dear ones! We recently celebrated the Feast of Trumpets ( Rosh Hashanah). I’ll admit that I’m not that great with this festival as compared to Sukkot. We’re still establishing our family traditions and examining why we celebrate. I’m even worse with Yom Kippur. I did iron out a few wrinkles, though.


Trumpets 2016

  • Trumpets is a call to repentance and remembering. We celebrate the birthday of the world and talk about creation. So we watched a SuperBook DVD on Adam and Eve.

You can watch “In the Beginning” for free with the Superbook app.

This episode is great because it also shows the fall of Satan and the battle in Heaven.

  • We lit candles and sang Happy Birthday world and thank you God for creating us.


  • Apples represent God’s sweetness and the hope for a sweet new year. So we made an apple caramel cake.

This cake was simple to make. I just bought a box of apple caramel cake mix. Then I used two round cake pans to make two layers. I put pre-made cream cheese frosting in the middle layer. Then we frosted the top layer with the caramel frosting. Michael decorated the top with candy corn.


  • We also ate apples in our delicious cranberry brie chicken braid.

I used the recipe below for the filling. I used a pre-made crust to wrap it in. I used ground chicken instead of chicken breasts. I just mixed it all together. I added diced apples for Trumpets.


Chicken Stuffed with Brie, Spinach and Cranberries


  • We played on the trampoline in the dark and star gazed. The boys are using our constellation app.





    • I made Leeland a night sky sensory bin. I used black beans, dominoes, and glow in the dark stars.


It got a little messy…



    • We also think of the end of the world. We anticipate Christ’s second coming at the sound of a trumpet. We blow “shofars” and remember that Jesus will come again soon. This is our plastic shofar. Our real one was eaten by a dog awhile back :(.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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