Toddler Life: Farm Play

In this post: Books, toys, and activity ideas for farm fun!

Hello, dear ones! Well, we didn’t make it to a real farm this year. We did, however, sing Old Macdonald several times! 🙂 Ha! I had plans to take the kids to a farm, so I got together everything farm related. I wanted to get Leeland excited for our field trip. Alas, the plans fell through. Maybe we will see a real farm before Autumn is over. Until then, I want to share farm fun you can do at home.

Farm Play

Farm Books and Toys~ I bought and rented several farm books. Here are our favorites.

  • Around the Farm~ Shapes, colors, counting, and animal sounds.
  • Usborne’s Peek Inside the Farm~ I really enjoy this series of books by Usborne. Leeland likes lifting the flaps. I just have to make sure that he doesn’t tear the book.
  • Old Macdonald Had a Farm (cow puppet book)~ Leeland loves finger puppet books. I found this one at Walmart. It’s simply the lyrics to the song, but the puppet won me over!
  • Honorable mentions: Disney’s Farm Friends, I Like Vegetables, You Are My Little Pumpkin Pie, and Who’s There?
  • You’ll recognize the homemade stuffed animals from this post:
  • The barn and tractor are by Fisher Price and I found them cheap at Goodwill. We’ve had them for awhile. I bought an extra generic set at Walmart. It has a pig, horse, stable, hay bales, tree with a duck pond, and farmer. 
  • Leeland loves the Little People See N’ Say. That’s the toy with the lever. When you pull it the arrow spins. It plays noises and songs that go with the animals. Leeland has started imitating the sounds. Usually, he just says “Quack, quack!”, but now he’s doing other sounds.
  • Another favorite toy is his Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Farm Animal Puzzle. Say that three times fast! Ha! The puzzle makes animal noises and music when he puts the animals in place.
  • Don’t forget all the farm songs in this post:
  • Also, Barney’s farm episode is on Netflix.


  • Farm play Pumpkin Patch: I took brown and green felt to make a field. Then I glued bits of green pom pom on orange pom poms to make pumpkins.




The Barbies went to the farm :).


  • Vegetable painting~ I drew the carrot and pumpkin with a marker. Then Leeland painted them orange with a cotton ball and clothes pin. I read “I Like Vegetables” that day. The cotton ball method is much easier than a paint brush.




Here’s a peek at our Pumpkin Patch fun.

  • The Corn Bin ~ This wasn’t at a farm, but I’ve seen these bins at farms before. You could even do this at home. Buy corn at a feed store and fill a baby pool with it. Corn bins are a wonderful sensory activity for farm play.




Who says moms can’t have fun too?!



Well, this was a short post, but hold tight because I have more Fall Toddler posts coming your way! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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