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In this post: Nina and Star costumes and our costumes for a fun Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. My Good Night Song Parody video. Also, my parents’ valley kids costumes, and a short creepy story from my childhood with embarrassing childhood pics.

Hello, dear ones! Last year, Leeland and I dressed as my favorite Sprout characters, Nina and Star. I was thrilled to actually talk to Michele Lepe, the actress who plays Nina, on her blog. I asked her where she got her pajamas. They were custom made so I had to come up with my own ensemble. Michele also wanted to see pictures of our costumes. I apologize Michele for waiting a year to post these! My blog has undergone a major face-lift and I am finally catching up on posts for 2015. Here’s Michele’s website:



Anywho, when Michael, my ten-year-old, was a toddler we loved watching Sprout at night. We’d watch the Good Night show and sing the Good Night song with Nina and Star. It helped us sleep. Obviously, Michael is too old to go back to those good ole days! Leeland, however, was initiated as a sproutlet through youtube videos. I’m going to show you a video of the real Nina and then one of myself singing the Good Night song. Then I will talk about Leeland’s star costume.

The Real Nina & Star

Sprout- Dover Style

Nina played by Amber

Star played by Leeland

Leeland’s Star costume was custom made by Shelley on Etsy.  Shelley did a fabulous job. I hope to pass it down to any future babies we have. It can double as a Christmas star too! You can find one here:







My Nina outfit was super easy. My Mother in Law helped me sew star buttons down a plain purple shirt. I found the striped PJ bottoms at Walmart. The bathrobe and slippers were simply for warmth and so that I’d have appropriate footwear.


I bought the firefly necklace from Blue Firefly Forest on Etsy. It represents Lucy, the lightning bug that lights the way!The earrings are simply kiddy earrings I found awhile back. I can’t remember where from. They sparkled enough for my outfit. I darkened my hair some too.



I glued star buttons on my hair pin.


I had planned on trying a sand art video, but I was pressed for time. Here’s an article with a video of “Nina’s” sand art.

Have you wondered about the sand art on The Goodnight Show on Sprout?

I also would love to make a diorama of the opening to the Good Night show. If I ever do I will come back and add it to this post. Anywho, you can find my collection of Sprout ideas here:


More pics…


Michael as Ant-Man



Moving on…

My family and I were invited to our first ever Halloween party last year. I wouldn’t say that we really celebrate Halloween. We like dressing up and celebrating the harvest, but we don’t go for actual creepy stuff or anything that honors death. This Halloween party wasn’t scary at all. Our friend who recovered from cancer was starting to feel a bit better. He’s a DJ and a comedian so we had a lot of fun. Here’s our friend and hosts Sam and Sarah being goofy.


Chris and I were conspiracy theorists with our tin foil hats. I actually believe a few conspiracies, and one of my favorite movies is Conspiracy Theory. I wrote truth seeker on my face. Hey, some conspiracies come true. Many my Dad believed have happened since his death. Who’d think that people can spy on you with your smartphone? Times are crazy. I don’t believe in the power of tin foil, though…unless it’s covering pizza. It does a good job then. 😉


Michael was Ant-Man again, but Leeland was a gentleman this time. We gave him a little mustache.



I got to be mummified.


Here’s Michael enjoying Pac-Man the old school way.


We went to my parents’ house for extra candy and to watch The Great Pumpkin with them. Mom and my stepdad dressed up just for us. They even decorated a bit and made the kids’ goody bags.

My parents as Valley kids from the 90’s. At least, that’s who I think they look like.


I can see them surfing or like totally going to the mall dude.


Mmmm, goodies…


Kim, my stepdad, trying out the candy corn catapult from this post: http://amberdover.com/2016/10/12/fall-celebration-2015/

Ignore Michael’s creepy red eyes…lol.


Leeland’s first time watching The Great Pumpkin.


Nana’s creepy scarecrow flapping in the wind.


Terrifying pea mush…


will make you do crazy things, man!


So that’s literally as scary as we get. Yeah…not many goosebumps over here. I’ll leave you with a neat childhood story, though.

So when I was a kiddo my family celebrated Halloween at first. My parents (before they divorced and Dad died) would dress me in crazy costumes. As a baby I was a bag lady…yes, a bag lady!

Bag Lady

I have a picture of my parents as butterflies one year and I am a sad looking clown. I’m still traumatized. I don’t even like clowns. Why, mom? Why? Nah..I’m really okay…I think.

PS: I don’t know where their wings went.

Sad Clown

Anywho, later my parents stopped trick or treating and we’d only go to Harvest Festivals. I’ve mentioned it in my testimony before, but my Dad was a drug dealer that became a preacher. Our family traditions changed bunches!

Anywho, before all that I would trick or treat with my cousins at my Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Joe’s house in the country. My aunt and uncle lived in a house that may have dated back to the 1800’s. It was a two-story white house and it really looked haunted. Sadly, the city built a road over it and they had to move. Anyways, my aunt would tie baby “ghosts” in a tree. Whenever my cousins and I went near the tree this big mama “ghost” would fly down to get us. Really, my uncle was on the second floor controlling this ghost on a wire. My Aunt Charlotte dressed as a witch and had a big cauldron.

The creepiest part about the house was when Mom and I lived with them. They had holes in the wooden floors and marbles would pop up in the holes and then pop back down and roll around under the floor. I’ve never figured out what made the marbles do that and how they got there. I’m sure my aunt and uncle didn’t play with marbles. When I was a kid I thought maybe the place was haunted by pilgrims (the house wasn’t that old lol). Maybe there was a draft under the house that caused them to move. My uncle never has an answer when I bring it up. I’ve googled the phenomena and I come up with nothing. I don’t believe in ghosts as in dead people, but I do believe in angels and demons. Have you ever had anything weird happen like that? Any scientific suggestions?

Well, I hope you’ve been inspired to make your own unique costumes. I’d love to see your creations if you want to leave me a link in the comments. God bless & remember the High King lives!~ Amber Dover

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