Halloween Fun 2016

In this post: Tessa in the Paw-rade as Darth Vader, and our costumes this year. Also, a Not So Scary Halloween Party, a fall festival, and Trick or Treating for the first time. Come hang with us!

Hello, dear ones! I hope you had a lovely holiday this past weekend. Our Halloween/ harvest celebrations were quite fun. Not everything went as planned but sometimes that is the fun in it. We began our holiday with the Paw-rade in downtown. Do you remember that pet costume contest I posted about a couple years back? Annabelle was Superdog then. You can read about that here:

The Paw-rade~Annabelle as Super Dog

Halloween 2016

This time Tessa attended the Paw-rade. We bought the Darth Vader costume for Annabelle but her body just didn’t fit right. She’s a large dog but very short. Tessa was just right.


The boys and I enjoyed downtown and watched the contest. Tessa doesn’t get out much because of her age. She enjoyed all the attention and new smells!


Meeting Snow White



The jail dog


Oh…and an embarrassing picture of the cat. This is really Annabelle’s hat.


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This year I wasn’t sure how Leeland would act. He’s getting into that tantrum stage. Little man actually did really good, though. I think the loud music helped. Leeland loves to sing and dance.



He got right out there with the big folks. We did have to chase him around some and keep him from getting stepped on. My sweet bumble bee baby can wiggle.


  • Here’s Michael searching for treasure in the hay while Count Sam times him.



Leeland explored the back yard until it got too dark.


He didn’t like the hay.


He loved the swing, though!



  • The kids played a game where they had to guess who the ghost was.


Sarah was the Green Blob this year.


Count Sam deejaying some hip tunes.


  • A fun dance off…really the kids each showed off their moves. I couldn’t get Michael to dance in front of anyone for nothing.


So I learned a new dance and song: Chainsaw by Family Force 5
I actually followed Family Force 5 when they first hit the scene. I worked their booth at Atlantafest years ago. I know this song has been out for awhile, but I’m often behind with music. I listen to my playlists more than the radio. Chainsaw is a fun silly dance song. I can’t see any other purpose behind it. We had fun dancing to it.

Fall Festival Fun with Nana

Our church hosted it’s Fall Festival Sunday afternoon. It was way too hot to wear our bumble bee costumes. I dressed as CNA Ann (my mom) and Leeland was Superman. Michael and mom didn’t dress up. It was nice to have my mom hang out with us all evening.


  • Corn Hole


  • Fishing for prizes!


  • A bumpy hay ride!


  • Leeland trying to bowl.


We briefly visited another festival, where we saw two balloons floating away. The blue one seems to be chasing the yellow one. “Wait! Come back! I’m coming with you!”


  • We then went to a game center. After enjoying funnel cake, we played arcade games.



Trick or Treating for the first time~ So we had plans to go to a fair or another festival on actual Halloween night. My kids had never trick or treated. Our plans fell through and so we decided to give trick or treat a try. Michael wanted to experience what other kids do. I figured what’s the harm? Let’s not be legalistic about it. I know which aspects of Halloween we don’t celebrate. We avoided scary houses.

  • So the kiddos and I visited a quiet neighborhood and walked from door to door as Chris drove the van beside us. I had to remind Michael to say “Trick or Treat!” He was super nervous about asking strangers for candy. It is a strange practice. Leeland, on one hand, wanted to go inside all the houses! People kept giving him extra candy…which Chris and I have split.


We had fun. I had fun too, surprisingly . I didn’t care about the candy. It was neat meeting new people, and enjoying the kindness of strangers. I think we should do a trick or treat where we give something nice to the people handing out candy. That would be a nice way to witness!


  • My family and I changed and headed to the cheap theater to see Finding Dory. We had way too much popcorn. The theater was nearly empty, which is a great time to attempt toddler movie time. Leeland only got fussy near the end.
  • I tricked Michael by having him try sour candy. He got me back…


  • Michael made me feel so guilty, that I agreed to try the sour candy too. I call this the Warhead challenge. It was awful! Anywho, we had fun sorting our candy. I’ve hidden most of it so I can distribute a little here and there. I sent some with Chris for his office.


We didn’t go to the expensive fair, but we had a lot of fun keeping it cheap and simple. Did you celebrate Halloween or go to a Fall Festival? Did you dress up? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover



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