Life with Baby: Thanksgiving Tree 2015 & 2016

In this post: Leeland’s seven-month pictures from last year, and the beginning of our Thanksgiving Tree tradition. Thankful jars as well.

It’s hard to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Most people tend to diminish Thanksgiving and skip straight to Christmas. I’m looking at you, Walmart. I found a way to solve this problem. I was inspired by this blog:

Thanksgiving Thankful tree

to make a Thanksgiving tree.
Thanksgiving Tree

So at the beginning of November, we took out our fake Christmas tree and decorated it with fall leaves, flowers, and ribbons. The “star” is a craft turkey. When you see our tree from this year (2016) you will notice we have thankful chains all over it. But for now, here is our tree in all its simplicity (2015).


Leeland was all adorable in his camo. My hubby is an avid hunter. Leeland is sitting in his Bumbo seat, under the blanket. It’s hard to believe he’s almost two now.







Well, I know this was super short, but I hope you enjoyed the pics. Here’s a peek at our tree this year. You can see the thankful chains. We made those from our thankful slips in our thankful jars.


Thankful books instead of presents.



Thanksgiving crafts from the past.


Our Thankful jars are ready for a new year. Also, Michael picks out a thankful activity out of the pumpkin each day.
Speaking of thankfulness…a mom in our group taught a lesson on Helen Keller today. I’m reminded to be thankful for my senses and also to appreciate the beautiful differences people with disabilities have. Someone may be blind but their sense of smell or taste may be higher than mine.


We learned about sign language too. Our teacher’s dad is deaf, so she really knew her stuff. So here’s a reminder that you can always find something to be thankful for as long as you are breathing…and if you’re a Christian, then you still have reason to be thankful when you die.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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