Life with Baby 2015: Gingerbread Play Set & 8 month pictures

In this post: Last year’s Christmas pictures of Leeland and a gingerbread playset that I made from felt.
Hello, dear ones! I hope you’re enjoying this blessed Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent. Today we lit the candle for hope. I love celebrating Christmas during this dark and cold time of the year. Christmas reminds me that a little light can make a big difference in a dark and depraved world. I think I’d be very depressed if there wasn’t any Christmas cheer during this gloomy weather. I’m also reminded that Jesus came during a dark time in history to be the Light of the World. We have hope because Christ died to save us from our sins. I pray you know this beautiful hope and may the light of Christmas reign in your hearts always.


  • 8-month-old Christmas pictures~ It’s hard to believe that Leeland is already 20 months old. Last year he was still a baby at this time. We took a precious photo shoot in front of the tree. I have a sweet picture of Michael in a Santa hat at that age. So we did the same for Leeland but we didn’t pay a photographer. A Christmas blanket, the tree, and Christmas props did the trick!


I took a lot of pictures to get one really good one…




We love to goof around!


  • Gingerbread Play Set~ I made this felt gingerbread set for Leeland. He wasn’t very interested at 8 months but now he plays with it some. I think next year he will enjoy it the most.



I’m not great at sewing, but this was a work of love.


The gingerbread men I bought as kits at the store. I made the mama, though and of course everything else in the scene.


Well, I hope you are inspired. This is a short post today but I have more coming up soon.
God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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