The Christmas Owl

In this post: Owl crafts that can be adapted to go along with the Christmas Owl.

Hello, dear ones! It’s nice to see you again. I have my first Christmas concert with our church orchestra soon. Please pray for me. I hope to share my second Advent post later tonight. For now, here’s another short craft post. Enjoy!



  • The Christmas Owl~ So we’ve added this sweet book to our holiday reading each year. We didn’t make any crafts to go with it, but several of our Autumn owl crafts could be tweaked to go with the book. Plus, I’m just now getting to post about them ;).


  • Owl Clay Pot~ We made the owl shape on two slabs and then put them together to make a bowl. Then Michael added the eyes, beak, and wings.



Michael’s owl made a great vase. You can paint yours white and add Christmasy flowers to go along with the book.


  • Owl tissue paper collage~ Leeland stuck tissue paper to an owl I cut out of contact paper. If you use white glittery tissue paper this would look nice for the holidays. You could even add a snow scene under him.




  • Owlegories~ I love this inspirational series. You can buy a Christmas themed Owlegories DVD at Lifeway. The little owls teach God’s word. Leeland is watching how the wind is like the Holy Spirit.


  • Owl decor~ So this next part is obviously completely autumn themed. I don’t know what’s available in wintry owl decor. You could paint wooden owls white and give them Santa hats.




  • Check out this post for several owl themed lessons that you can put a Christmas twist on. I think the owl baby craft would be perfect.


Crafty Monday: Owls

Well, I pray you are inspired. More Advent posts are coming your way (Lord willing)! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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