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Hello, dear ones! First off, I’m not pregnant. I thought I’d clear that out of the way first. Actually, my news is more surprising than that. In fact, I’m still surprised I did this and that God keeps opening doors. I’m surprised by the support from my family and friends for what…seemed like a crazy whim. Okay, here it goes. I’ve been accepted to online Bible college through Liberty University!

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I start classes in January. I’m going for a Bachelors of Science in Biblical Education. It’s like a teaching and ministry degree rolled into one. Okay, so what this means for my life. I’ll still be homeschooling and blogging. I love my life as a homeschool mom and stay at home wife. This is my calling and I’m not trading it in. I do, however, want to learn more and I believe the college experience will help me give more to my family.

(Daddy, I’m sincerely trying…)


I know there will be some long nights. I love studying the Bible, but I don’t enjoy math. I’ve got to take three math classes. It’s been so long since I took Algebra…well, I’m starting at the beginning. Please pray for me as I take on this endeavor. I’m still writing books and looking into self-publishing. Somehow I’ve got to make time for it all. I need order and wisdom.


In other news…Michael made the basketball team.┬áThis is his first time playing on a team in awhile. Anywho, so our weekends and part of the week are filled with games and practices. We’re going through Upwards Sports, and I am super impressed. I love how the kids learn values while learning basketball. They do a devotion before practice and they pray before games. The kids get stars for things like effort and sportsmanship. I’ve enjoyed ironing on Michael’s little stars.


I’m so proud of my boy. He’s growing up fast. Michael’s the tallest on his team. If you’ve been with me long you’ll remember how short and baby-faced Michael was at four when I started blogging. He’s a preteen now…sweating and eating like a horse!



Here’s a few basketball items I got from the Dollar Tree.



Thank you for letting me share this journey with you! God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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