Advent & Jesse Tree: December 4th & 5th, 2016

In this post: Our Advent activities for days four and five, and our own Jesse Tree devotional that I wrote to go with Ann Voskamp’s pictures. A Christmas Fairy Ornament, a toddler tree craft, and Michael’s Christmas Tree art.

Hello, dear ones! I have a few Advent crafts & activities to share with you.


  • Christmas Choir Concert~ This was my first time playing with my church orchestra. I play the flute. You can’t see me in the picture, though.


  • Jesse Tree ornament and devotion for day 4~ Here’s the devotion I wrote to go with Ann Voskamp’s picture. 


4.Noahs Ark~ Humanitys first family tree kept getting worse and worse, as sin poisoned it. People only wanted to do bad things. They hurt each other. They hated God. God was sad and angry. Read the verses to hear what happened. Noah loved God. Noah obeyed God when everyone else disobeyed God. Have you ever been the only one that listened to your teacher? Maybe all the other kids were acting bad, but you obeyed? The other kids got in trouble, but the teacher rewarded you. It was like that for Noah.

God saved Noah and his family from the flood by having Noah build an ark. God saved most of the animals too. Everyone else was swept away by the flood. Just like the ark saved Noahs family from the flood, Jesus saves us from hell. Jesus saves us from sin. Hes like an ark in that way. We have the choice though about whether we get on the ark. Do we accept Gods salvation? After God flooded the world, He made a promise to Noah that He would never destroy the whole world by flood again. The rainbow is the reminder of this promise. Let us pray and thank God for keeping His promises. Activity: Noahs Ark charades

  • Christmas Fairy Ornament for my Girl’s Night/ Ornament Exchange~ My friend Melina set up a Mom’s night out for our group. We had a nice dinner and we played a Christmas game. Then we exchanged ornaments, some homemade. I decided to make a Christmas Fairy.


I used a wooden clothespin, a wooden ball, a pipe cleaner, and fake flowers. The flowers are her outfit. I used the flower stem to make a wand. I sewed on beads.



I’ll admit, I was sad to let my ornament go. I’m glad she’s making someone else happy, though.



The boys and I read The Legend of the Christmas Tree. You can find more about the Christmas books we read & some craft ideas at this post:

Six Inspirational Christmas Books with Activities

  • Toddler Tree Craft~ I cut the tree shape out of green foam. Then  Leeland decorated it with jewel stickers.


It went well with his snow village.


  • Michael’s Christmas Tree in the Window~ We were supposed to use oil pastels but I didn’t have any. So, Michael used chalk and crayon to create this masterpiece. He had to do several layers of crayon for it to show up.


  • Jesse Tree ornament & devotional for day 5


5.Abrahams Stars (also camels)~ Abram loved God and he had faith that God would deliver on his promises. God knew the human family tree would fail and need to be remade. Gods plan to send Jesus to earth was underway thousands of years before Christ was born. God promised Abram that his family line would become a nation and that nation would bless all the people of the world. Jesus came out of that nation, out of Israel. But there seemed to be one problemAbram didnt have any children at the time, and he was already very old. Still, God promised to make Abrams descendants as numerous as the stars.

Father God made a promise with Abram and then he changed Abrams name to Abraham. Abraham had to have the faith to obey God. Read the verses. God told Abraham to leave his hometown and to go where God would show him. Can you imagine leaving everything youve ever known and not knowing where God would take you? It would be really hard and probably scary. It could also be an adventure. It depends on how you look at it. It would depend on if you trusted God. The Lord wants to give us good gifts, but we must trust and obey to accept them. Gods greatest gift is salvation through Jesus. Will you have the faith of Abraham and accept Gods gifts/I encourage you to seek Gods will for your life, instead of your own. It may be scary at first, but youll be so thankful when you reap the gifts and blessing of obedience. He may just give you the stars. Lets ask God to show us His will. Activity/try to count the stars.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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