Advent & Jesse Tree: December 6th-8th, 2016

In this post: Our ornaments and the Jesse Tree devotions I wrote to go with Ann Voskamp’s pictures. No activities because we were sick with Strep.

Hello, dear ones. How are you? Our Advent plans were switched up last week when the whole family got Strep Throat. We had plans to deliver cookies and cards at the nursing home. We were going to bake cookies and watch Christmas movies. I admit my plate was already full when we got sick. I over did it and I passed on sickness to my family. I still don’t feel in tip top shape. So, this post will mainly be about the Advent devotions I wrote…and a friendly holiday reminder to slow down.



Just in case you missed my last post, here it is. These remedies came in handy during our sickness.

Home Remedies:

After a couple days, we felt good enough to sit at the table with each other. We brought out a wind-up train set, which entertained Leeland. And he entertained us!


Jesse Tree Ornaments & Devotions


6.Isaac (box of laughter)~ God kept his promise to build a special family tree. He promised to give Abraham a son and through that child he would bring the messiah. Sarah, Abrahams wife, laughed when she heard the news. How could old folks like her and Abraham have a baby, and a family tree as abundant as the stars/Abraham was almost one hundred years old! Nothing is impossible with God though. He created the stars. He can easily create a baby. Miracles arent hard for God. God turned Sarahs laughter of unbelief into joyous giggles. Read the verses.

We talked yesterday about having faith to accept Gods gifts. Well, today we see that God is merciful and forgiving. He gives us gifts even when we believe they are too good to be true. God showed Sarah grace, and blessed her despite her unbelief. Jesus wants us to trust him and to believe that he wants the best for us. God gives good gifts, and laughter is one of those. We can laugh with joy, because we know Jesus loves us. This advent season let us rejoice and laugh. It may be dark and cold out, but there are so many fun things to make us smile and to remind us that God is good. Think of babies and all the silly things they dohow easily they smile and laugh. God loves that. He wants us to be like little kids, joyful in Him. Lets praise Jesus for the gift of laughter. Activity/Tell Christmas jokes.



7.The Ram~To make the eternal family tree, it required sacrifice. You can say that it was built from the wood of Jesus cross. Jesus death on the cross paid for our sins and opened the way for the eternal family tree. The tree is like a bridge taking us to Gods side. Remember that God wants to be our friends. Remember how he walked with Adam and Eve/ But sin wrecked that relationship and poisoned the first family tree. It needed Gods life to survive, but disobedience took the tree away from Gods life. It began to die. Gods new family tree would have to conquer sin to survive. That is why God sent Jesus.

God wanted his children to know his plan to save them. So God would give them a picture of the future. God did this with Abraham, by testing him. Read the verses. Abraham did not have to sacrifice his son in the end, but through his story we get a glimpse of how hard it was for God to send his only begotten son to die for the world. Isaac was saved by a ram taking his place. We are saved by Jesus taking OUR place. It should have been us on the cross. Our sin deserved punishment. But Jesus became the sacrifice instead, because God loves us so much. Lets thank God for his sacrifice. Activity:Play duck duck goose.


8. Jacob’s ladder~ Abraham had a grandson named Jacob. Jacob had a dream about angels going up and down a ladder from Heaven to earth. Jesus explains this dream further in John 1:51.

 And he saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.”

Jesus himself is the ladder. He is the one way to Father God. Not only did Jesus, God himself, come down to us, but He also stretches himself out on the cross and makes a way for us to go to Heaven. God isn’t far away and unconcerned. He wants to know you. He wants to be a part of your life. I can’t explain why the God who created the universe would take interest in us, wrap himself in human flesh, and die for us. But He did. He gave us the greatest Christmas gift ever…Himself. Do you see the similarities between Jacob’s ladder and the cross? Even the Christmas tree? All pointing up to Heaven. All reminders that God comes down to be with us.

Activity: Play Chutes & Ladders.


Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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