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In this post: Teas, syrups, & salves among other natural remedies.

Hello, dear ones! Recently our family had the Strep. We took our antibiotics but we also used home remedies. We don’t get sick that often but sometimes it’s just inevitable. It cost a lot to go to the doctor for every minor illness. Back in the day, mothers would handle colds at home. They’d use remedies that were passed down from their mothers. These days we panic if a kid has a fever. A bit of that old time wisdom has been lost. Well, a few of us are learning to appreciate the old ways again. I’m not saying that we should never go to the doctor. I am so thankful for doctors. I’m just saying that our family’s health is our responsibility too. Here are some remedies that can help when sickness comes knocking on your door.

Home Remedies

  • Elderberry Syrup~ Elderberry is great for preventing illness and it helps combat colds and the flu. This is natural and safe to drink for children who can have honey. I wouldn’t give this to a one-year-old. But you can make elderberry tea for them. Now, you will pay a pretty penny for elderberry syrup at the store. When we had Strep we practically drank this all day. It would’ve cost a fortune had I not made my own.

I base my recipe on this post by Jill. I love her natural remedies. They’ve been so helpful.


I add double honey and only use 2 cups of water. It makes the syrup thick. The original recipe was too watery.



I add more honey and less water.


  • Lung Tea~ Last year, Leeland got fake Croup. Yes, it is a barking cough that mimics the croup. It was scary but we got through it just fine. I pulled out my arsenal of remedies and they worked. I made a couple cups of Lung Tea daily, also found on Jill’s site. I added apple juice and honey to the tea so he’d drink it. It has lovely herbs like marshmallow root and comfrey. Jill lists what the herbs do. So I adjust the recipe according to the type of cough my kids have. Here’s the recipe: http://jillshomeremedies.com/2013/01/diy-lung-formula-for-coughs-bronchitis-asthma.html

You can also see that we use Zarbees cough syrup on occasion. I usually take that on trips when I can’t bring elderberry.


The steam from the tea is good to breathe too…especially for a dry cough. We also let Leeland breathe the cold air from the freezer. Vaporizers and essential oil diffusers are great tools as well. I like peppermint and lemon essential oils.


  • Garlic Salve~ I consider this a miracle salve. I rub it on the bottom of our feet and put on socks. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. We use this for viruses and other ailments. I call this a miracle because I see a big improvement when we use the salve. Also, it was the only treatment that healed a wart Michael had on his finger. We tried traditional methods, but only the salve worked. We saw immediate results. Every day the wart shrank, and in a couple of weeks, it was gone. Now, had we been completely consistent it may have only taken a week to cure. I could see the salve working and turning the skin white. It was kind of fascinating…especially since I cook with the ingredients in this remedy. Here’s the recipe:


PS: I don’t add the lavender. Also, make sure you use a napkin or cloth because the smell will stay on your fingers a good while. Make sure to wash your socks good after. We don’t use the salve if we are going out for the day unless of course, we wash our feet. It is a very strong smell.


  • Colloidal Silver~ This is a natural antibiotic. I use this for all matter of illness. My Dad gave this to me every day in my tea when I lived with him (5 years). I went from always being sick to rarely getting sick. Oh, and I never turned blue. If I just confused you, well, that reference was to a guy who turned blue because he drank gallons a day of homemade colloidal silver which wasn’t even real colloidal silver. He made it with a battery. The lesson is to use REAL colloidal silver made by a reputable company. I use the spray and do a few spritzes in our water or straight in our mouths. There are no side effects of real Colloidal silver. This is the brand I use: http://www.silverbiotics.com/

I mixed this with warm olive oil once when Michael had a bad earache. He went from crying in pain to relief in minutes. At his following doctor’s appointment, his ears were clear and fine. I didn’t use any treatment but the silver and olive oil. Yes, colloidal silver works. My dad used this on me when I stepped on a rusty nail, to prevent Lock Jaw. Remember, I’m not a doctor. I just want to help…from one mom to the next ;).

  • Onion Poultice~ This is another smelly remedy that I used when Leeland had his cough. I put this on Leeland’s chest.



  • Extra vitamins~  When the kiddos are sick they are usually deficient in some vitamin. We up the Vitamins C, B12, D, and Zinc. Lately, I use gummy vitamins for Leeland, but when he was a baby I’d add a small portion of the powdered vitamins to his oatmeal. Please research dosages and remember I’m not a doctor ;).
  • We also take Echinacea. Michael won’t swallow pills. so I empty the capsules into elderberry syrup and he drinks it with a chaser (ginger ale or something he likes).
  • We use herbs to calm tummy aches (marshmallow root is good), and we use them to help calm and prepare for sleep. I use a chamomile mix for Leeland. I’ll share that another day, Lord willing.
  • We have catnip to help with fever but I’ve yet to try it. I let the kids run low-grade fevers without meds unless they are miserable. I want the fever to do its job and kill infection. I do, however, use Tylenol if fevers get to0 high. I also use cool cloths and tepid baths.
  • Natural Vapor Rub~ This remedy spells great. I use it for colds, sore throats, and runny noses. It can be put on the chest, under the nose, or on the feet with socks. Speaking of runny noses, we use saline ointment to keep noses from getting raw.
  • While we were on antibiotics for Strep, the adults took probiotic pills in between doses, and the kids ate probiotic yogurt. It’s helpful to build back the good bacteria. Too many antibiotics can cause yeast infections and open the door for more illness.


Lastly, never underestimate the power of…

  • Chicken Noodle Soup! Chicken broth is a super food/drink during illness. We also like Potato Soup. My Granny and my Mom made potato soup for me every time I was sick. Mom still brings some over when we get sick. I have made it myself a few times, but I like the way Mom makes it the best. Basically, you peel and cut potatoes into cubes. You boil it until it’s a little mushy and then reserve some of the water. Add a little milk, butter, and salt but only enough to help the taste. You don’t want to make mashed potatoes. You want this soup to be a tad bland and well…soupy. Don’t forget to drink lots of fluids…orange juice and ginger ale. 

Well, I hope this post has helped you. If you try any of these recipes please let me know in the comment section. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: I almost forgot to mention oil pulling. I use coconut oil to help my teeth. I swish it around and pull it through my teeth for 15 minutes. It’s supposed to help cavities. Personally, it’s the only thing that helps when my teeth hurt from sugars. Even brushing my teeth won’t stop the pain. The coconut oil soothes it.


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