Advent & Jesse Tree: December 12th-13th, 2016

In this post: Advent fun & Jesse Tree devotions and ornaments for Dec. 12th- 13th. Charlie Brown and Frosty the Snowman treats!

Hello, dear ones! Monday and Tuesday of last week, we kept our Advent activities simple. Something as small as a holiday movie and treat can be a big event for a child. I remember the wonder I felt as a kid when the holiday movies came on ABC Family. I was often sick with a stomach virus or the flu every December. I’d stay home from school and since my mom was a single mother, I’d go to my Granny’s. She’d fix me potato soup and graham crackers. Then I’d watch Christmas movies. Granny actually made being sick not so awful! I see the same Christmas magic through my kids’ eyes. I get this lovely sense of nostalgia. So grab a cookie and some hot chocolate and take a trip with me. Hop on board the holiday memory train ;).


Day 12

  • The kids made crafts to take to Chris’ office.


We ate lunch with Chris at work and then Michael and I decorated his desk with pictures.


  • That night we ate Christmas Tree cookies and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. Yes, I still have a VCR. Youngsters, you can ask your parents what that is ;).




  • Jesse Tree Ornament and inspiration for day 12


12. Ruths Wheat~ Read the story of Ruth in the book of Ruth. Naomi lost her husband and her two sons. She urged her Gentile daughter in laws to go back to their homes…back to their heathen gods. She had nothing to give them…or so she thought. Naomi was bitter and it did indeed seem like God had cut her family tree into a stump. But our God is a God of life and He had a big plan for Naomi. Nothing is impossible with God. Naomi’s daughter in law, Ruth, refused to go back to her home and her heathen gods. She chose to stay with her mom in law and to follow the God of Israel, the one True God. Naomi didn’t realize that she had the greatest gift to give Ruth, her faith…hope for a Messiah, one who would end death forever.

Ruth married Boaz, Rahab’s son (remember her from my last post). Ruth’s grandson was Jesse, the father of David, in the family tree of Jesus. Jesus is really good at bringing dead things back to life. We saw Him do it with Lazarus, we see Him do it with the family tree of Jesse, and ultimately we see Jesus bring us back to life through His own resurrection. Have you experienced death lately? Maybe it was the death of a dream? Remember that the God who breathed the stars, wrapped Himself in flesh, and came to resurrect the dead, to resurrect you. Have hope this Christmas. Accept Jesus and see yourself come to life! Activity: Play the Game of Life. Make wheat bread. Talk about how a seed has to die before the plant can come alive.


Day 13

  • I helped Leeland start a foam Advent Nativity. He likes sticking on the stars.


  • We watched Frosty the Snowman and ate ice cream snowmen.


  • Jesse Tree Ornament and inspiration for day 13


13. David’s Crown~ Read 1 Samuel 16. Jesus came out of a family we’d never expect. One of the greatest kings of Israel and Jesus’ ancestor, also came from an unexpected place…a field with smelly sheep. King David, the youngest son, a harp player and a shepherd, was chosen by God to be King. God didn’t choose someone who looked like King material. God looked at the heart. Even though David later committed adultery and murder, God called him a man after His own heart. Why would God choose this man? Well, we do know that King David repented of his sins, and we know he longed for God’s presence. You see, David knew he needed God’s help to live right. He was humble in this way. Whenever he sinned, David ran back to God.

Jesus loves a heart that repents and seeks Him. When we mess up big time…when we fall and scrape our knees…our Heavenly Father opens His arms and asks us to humble ourselves and accept His forgiveness and love. Our Heavenly Father doesn’t kick us down and call us names. He wants to hold us and make it better. David knew this, and I believe that is one reason He was so close to God’s heart. David had no problem running back into his Father’s arms. How about you? Have you run away from Jesus? Are you ashamed to talk to God? Humble yourself and take that one step back to HIM. The Lord will meet you the rest of the way…even if you’ve run a thousand miles away. God has forgiven prostitutes, murderers, adulterers, and liars. God will forgive you. This Christmas season, come home.

Activity: Watch The Grinch and remember God can forgive anyone. Read one  of David’s Psalms.

Well, God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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