Advent & Jesse Tree: December 14th & 15th, 2016

In this post: Advent fun & Jesse Tree ornaments for Dec. 14th- 15th. Candy Cane fun, a book on video, and Grinch Punch! Toddler foot print crafts and our homeschool Christmas party!

Hello, dear ones! I hope you’re enjoying your holiday. I love how even something small like a candy cane can remind us that our greatest Christmas gift is Jesus. You’ll learn about the legend of the candy cane a little later. Anywho,  I know Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th, but many Christians and even non-Christians celebrate His birth on this day. The family and I watched a Christmas special on tv this week and it amazed me how unbelievers proclaimed Jesus’ Lordship through the Christmas songs they sang. Think about that. Because of Christmas, children who know nothing of Jesus are singing His name. Look over the lyrics of several Christmas carols. They are powerful!

“Joy to the world! The Lord is come.
Let earth receive her King
Let every heart
Prepare Him room”

~Joy to the World by Isaac Watts in 1719. It is based on the second half of Psalm 98.

That’s straight up theology right there! Christmas points a godless world to it’s King. Now, that is a reason to celebrate. Join us as we continue our Advent fun!


Day 14

  • I let Leeland paint freely after I painted his feet for our craft. He REALLY enjoyed painting…



  • He made Christmas trees from his hands and feet. I added glitter and ornaments. I also added glitter and then stickers to Leeland’s green masterpiece.


  • We read The Candy Maker’s Gift.


You can watch it here:

  • Leeland painted a candy cane. I used masking tape for the stripes.



  • Michael and Leeland fished for candy canes.


Jesse Tree Ornament and Inspiration for day 14

14. The Son’s Light~ Read Isaiah 9:2,6-7. Do you ever get scared by what you see in the world? Sometimes when I watch the news I feel like the world is a dark place, filled with people who act like monsters. I want to cry, but then I remember that one small light can chase away a room full of darkness. Dear one, there is still light in the world. Jesus is that light, and if you believe in Him, then you also are a light. Jesus shines from within your heart, your spirit. Imagine all the Jesus followers out there…some in the Americas…some in Africa…some in Europe…Asia…Australia. Imagine the dark dark world covered by millions of points of light. The world was dark, like an empty Christmas tree, then Jesus came and lit it up. Praise God! He is wonderful! He is peace! We don’t have to walk around tripping in the dark. We don’t have to fear the monsters of the world. We have THE Light of Life! We have Jesus. This Advent and every day, allow Jesus’ love and light to shine through you. Activity: Help someone in need. Eat dinner by candle light.


Day 15

  • Our homeschool group had a Christmas Party. I made Grinch Punch using Sprite and lime sherbet.


  • The kids had a book swap. The moms had a drawing and I won a gift bag.


  • Leeland enjoying his new book and a cookie.


  • My goofy Michael…the kids made ice cream cone Christmas trees.


  • Jesse Tree Ornament and Inspiration for day 15


15. Elijah’s Fire~ Read 1 Kings 18. Jesus’ family tree was threatened many times. The enemy of our souls, Satan, wanted to cut down this Jesse tree. Satan hates God’s people. One prophet truly felt the battle going on for the Jesse tree. Elijah spoke to the people for God. The evil Queen Jezebel didn’t like what Elijah had to say and she did not like God. Instead, she worshiped and sacrificed to Baal. Baal was not a real god. Baal did not love his followers. We see this when Elijah challenges the prophets of Baal to a showdown. The God who answers by fire wins!

The Baal worshipers cut themselves and screamed for Baal to listen. Of course, he didn’t…because he wasn’t a real god. The one true God, the God of Israel, answered by fire, and the Israelites repented and worshiped Him. This same God wrapped Himself in flesh and came to live with us. One God, three persons…Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…the Trinity, a great mystery. Just as a Christmas Tree has roots, a trunk, and branches but is still one tree, the Trinity is three persons but One God. Jesus, God the Son, answers us when we call to Him. He fills us with the fire of His Spirit. Every fiber of creation proves that God is real and He hears us. Jesus is the one true God. Do you know Him? Have you worshiped false gods? Even things like video games and cell phones can become idols if we put them before Jesus. Remember, only Jesus can love you and save you when you call. Worldly things can’t save you. Activity: Make a bonfire or light the fireplace. Roast marshmallows or chestnuts. 

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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