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In this post: Star Trek TNG food and fun. Free printables to download!

Hello, dear ones! I’m so excited to share our Star Trek party. I even made free printable activities just for you. My family and I are big fans of Star Trek…all of it. I grew up watching the first Star Trek series from the 60’s. I started watching The Next Generation when my husband got into it. I didn’t think I could like the “new” series but I wanted to bond. Well, I was wrong. The whole family fell in love with the series. We’ve also seen the latest movies. My hubby watches Star Trek: Enterprise. Now we’re halfway through the Voyager series. Anywho, we wanted to have fun while watching the finale of The Next Generation. So I put together a little party with food and activities that honor TNG characters, with a couple nods to the 60’s show.


There are many lessons that can be learned from Star Trek. I decided to use a couple of Starfleet rules to show my eldest son that our family is like a crew. We all have our own job and place. If we don’t do our job, the ship comes down. It’s important to listen to the Captain and stay focused on our mission. In this case, Chris is the Captain, I’m Number One, and the kids are the next ranks down. I put together this cute photo to remind us.

The Starship Dover

*Before we begin I do want to put out a warning. Roughly 60 percent of Star Trek episodes are family friendly, but about 40 percent are inappropriate. They may have some sexual or thematic element that isn’t good for kids. I advise you to read a synopsis of the episodes before you show them to your family. On another note, there are many episodes that are scientifically and historically fascinating and have little violence. You just have to sort through. There are so many seasons and shows from different decades.

On to the party…

The Invite


Here’s the front of the invite I made especially for you! Full invite included in the file at the end.

The Set

I painted a poster board black and speckled it with white paint. I found various pictures and quotes and glued them to the board. I used blue and red tableware.


I found a Star Trek TNG book and used it as a prop. I was surprised by all the fan fiction for the different series.


I used the Spock poster from


The Food

I based my food on food/drink from the series and ideas from Pinterest.

  • Bularian Canapes~ Cream cheese and dill weed on crackers.


  • Romulan Ale~ Sparkling blueberry juice


  • Earl Grey Tea~ Make it hot! (Captain Picard’s favorite)


  • Borg Cake~ a three layer chocolate cake with “Resistance is Futile” on it.





The Fun

I put together several activities that correlate with characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation.


I’m sharing the file of my printables for free at the end of this post. You are welcome to have it for your own personal use. Please do not copy or share the file. You are, however, welcome to give others the link to this blog post.

Here’s a peek at the printables I made just for you and what we did at our party.

  • My Holodeck (Geordi)


Geordi needs your help programming the Holodeck. Help him create your ideal program. What people, food, and place would you encounter in your holodeck?

  • The picture below is of my first version of the holodeck activity.



  • Here’s the Holodeck activity I made for you. Again, the file will be at the end.


  • My Klingon Name (Worf)


Write your name in Vulcan and Klingon. The file is at the end of this post.



  • Test Your Personality (Troi)



Let Counselor Troi help you find yourself. Take a personality test. Here’s a link to help you.

  • Make It So Enterprise Art (Picard)


Captain Picard wants art…make it so!

  • Write your saying (Ex: Boldly Go) in crayon on your canvas.
  • Paint a night sky over the canvas with watercolors.
  • Cut out the Enterprise silhouette. (silhouette included in the downloadable file)
  • Once the paint dries, glue the silhouette to the canvas. Optional: Add glitter.


  • Sherlock & Trivia (Data)



Trivia: Use the link below to help Data figure out who said what. Take turns quizzing other “crew members”.

Data often acts as Sherlock Holmes in the Holodeck. See if you can play the part and try out your skills at the link below:

  • Poker with Will


Try your hand with Will at Poker, five card stud. Use candy as money.

  • Photo Op.

Leeland and I donned our Starfleet uniforms. Little man makes a cute Captain!



Downloadable File with my printables and instructions:

Edit* You will need to download the Vulcan and Klingon fonts before you open my file in word, for the My Klingon Name to work.  You can find them here:


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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