Website Transitions and Issues

Hello, dear ones! I want to apologize that my site was down for a couple of days. I’ve been having issues with my old hosting provider. I just switched to someone new but the transition has come with several bumps along the way. I want to assure you though that will still exist. It may go down again as things transition but I am still here and Lord willing this blog will prevail. So don’t give up on me, please. Domain transfers and DNS server renaming takes time and is a bit complicated (at least for me). I spent all of yesterday…literally since 2 pm until almost 3 AM…trying to fix my blog and then again most of today. I spent hours deleting duplicate photos made automatically with WordPress, so I could switch to my new hosting provider. They only allow a certain amount of gigabytes of storage and I can’t upgrade until probably next month. So I had to manually delete duplicate files….over and over…for hours. I wish I had switched to using Flickr sooner on my blogging journey.

My wrists hurt, and I’m stressed to the max after talking to representatives from both companies all day. I’m still waiting on my previous provider to give me information so the switch will be complete. Sigh…at least the website is up. Oh, and there was no logical reason for my site to have expired for three days. It should have automatically renewed. This is one of the many reasons I am switching my provider. They may give “unlimited” storage but their service overall is subpar. Okay, enough of my rant. I love you and the ministry of this blog enough, not to just quit because professional blogging is hard. I’m doing all I can to learn and make this work. Meanwhile, I start college on Monday so I really need to focus on that soon. Please pray that this mess will be resolved soon so I can get back to what I do best…enjoying my family.

I’m trying to practice what I preached on my last blog post:

(You may not have seen it because the site kept going down. )

I am overwhelmed though and so so very human. Thanks for the prayers. Please pray for my teeth too. I’m having the worst pain. I have to wait a couple weeks before I can go to the dentist. I should’ve had my teeth fixed last year, but as usual, I put myself on the back burner. One of my resolutions this year is to take better care of my health. I guess it goes back to that people pleasing issue I wrote about in the above link. I guess I can take a lesson from our dragon, Firefox.



Yes, change takes time. He/she has yet to fully transition from pet store life. He rarely eats and it’s a bit scary. They tell me it will take time. So I guess even transition from something bad to something good is even hard on the system. We all have to adjust…just as Firefox does. Okay, so the lesson in this is to encourage you for your New Years resolutions. Give yourself time :). And I hope to have your grace as this website transition takes time. Thanks for all your support!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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  1. Hi,Amber 🙂

    I’ve followed your blog for quite a while now and have always especially enjoyed your party planning and homeschool posts. I don’t usually leave comments on anything but I’ve noticed some of the more recent posts have disappeared and I was having trouble several weeks ago opening many of them. I hope I’m not being nosy,I was just wondering if you were letting go of blog writing for now?

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