3 Months of Missing Posts

Edit: (June 2017) Sadly, I’m unable to restore these posts. I will have to remake them all along and along. I will post the new links as I remake them. 

Hello, dear ones! I am still here though my website seems to show I’ve been missing since January. Three months of blog posts (15 posts!) are missing because of DNS issues with my new server. I have not had the time to talk to tech and get this fixed. College has kept me busy. I hope to work on this issue soon. I’m very sad to see all of these posts missing.

Here are the cover pictures for each blog post. So if you visit my blog from Pinterest you won’t be able to access these posts.  I’m including the titles of the posts with a short description. Meanwhile, I have new posts I’m working on and I plan on backing them up in case there are future blog issues.  Thank you for your patience! God bless and remember the High King lives! -Amber Dover
PS: Here’s my new backup website if amberdover.com goes down. This is just an emergency site so I don’t lose information. https://thespotlessbrideblog.wordpress.com/


(FIXED!) Winnie the Pooh Day-Winnie the Pooh fun from 2016 & 2017. A baby Tigger photo shoot! A magical adventure as we picnic and map our own Hundred Acre Woods! All for Winnie the Pooh Day!

Post Redo: Winnie the Pooh Day 2016-2017


(FIXED!) Appreciate a Dragon Day 2017- Toddler dino fun, Jurassic World Parties, Pete’s Dragon theme, and a Creation theme with Danny the Dinosaur and When Dragon’s Hearts were Good. Also appreciation for our baby bearded dragon that died.

Post Redo: Appreciate A Dragon Day 2017


Other Random January Holidays- Hat Day, Pie Day, Dress Up Your Pet Day, and Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.


Winter Art and Mom’s 60th Birthday Celebration– Groundhog day fun, winter art, and my Mom’s big 60 birthday.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day- A collection of MLK Jr. posts


Romantic Moment #1: Spaghetti Kisses– A Lady and the Tramp themed date and a Date Box review.

Spaghetti Kisses

Let’s Make Magic Date Night– A magical date with free printables and fun magic tricks.

Magic Togetherpost

Valentine’s & President’s Day with the Kids 2017- Famous Couples study for Valentine’s, Toddler Sensory fun, and a presidential craft and study.


Dates for the Seasons- Mystery Dinner Theater, Poker & chocolate, Family Man date, Hunting Date, and Thrift Store & Cupcakes Date.


Amber Goes to Bible College: Diligence– Time Management Help and a paper on laziness and choosing to be diligent instead.


Pride & Prejudice Date Night: Valentine’s Day 2017. Food and fun for Pride & Prejudice movie.

Pride & Prejudice Date Night

Happy Purim 2017– A painting I did of Queen Esther inspired by the movie One Night with the King.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day short post.


Meet Chakotay– Our baby bearded dragon Firefox died and we got an adult dragon we named Chakotay. Also pictures from my 32nd birthday which started out bad with Firefox’s death but ended well.


Adventures with Jesus: Not Quite a Hobbit’s Tale- An inspirational post encouraging you to step out and go on an adventure with Jesus. Life is never the same once you surrender to Jesus. Let us get out of our comfort zones and follow the Lord wherever He leads!


All of my blog posts:

PS: The 15 posts are the only ones you shouldn’t be able to access but the rest are there. There may be some missing links and pictures. I’ve had so many problems moving my website’s server. I am working on this as I have time.

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