Pixar Camp: Monsters Inc

In this post: The first post of Pixar Camp: Monsters Inc themed food and fun! Also, a throwback to Disney Camp.

Hello, dear ones! This Summer we’re having Pixar Camp! Basically, we watch Pixar movies, make themed treats, and have fun activities. We began with Monsters Inc and Monsters University. But first, let’s take a trip back in time…

Remember the Disney Camp we had four years ago? Well, if not here’s a link to the post with Monsters Inc, which is a Disney and Pixar film. 

Michael dressed as a mash-up between Mike and Sully. We had a yummy treat and made bookmarks.


Crafty Monday: Disney Countdown~Lil’ Mermaid, Nemo, & Monster’s Inc

Now, on to this Summer

So, our museum offers free Imax movies during the Summer. We were able to watch both Monsters movies on the big screen. When we got home we had

Monster Rice Krispy Treats

My hubby mixed up the treats (rice cereal with marshmallows and butter). You can buy them already made too.

Then I poured melted vanilla almond bark on top. I used green sprinkles for Mike. The purple and blue sprinkles are for Sully.


Playdough Monsters- Leeland enjoyed playing with playdough but the monsters are Michael’s genius. I gave the kids blue, purple, and green playdough. Then I got out pipe cleaners and googly eyes.


The kids did the rest.


Speaking of Monsters INC… don’t forget to check out our trip to INK, the children’s interactive museum. Here’s the link:


INK: Children’s Museum

Sully Costume- So when Michael was seven he dressed as Mike. Now we have Leeland and he dressed as Sully. I didn’t plan this but he was already wearing a blue shirt a friend had given us. My first thought was how he looked like “Boo”. Then it came to me to make a Sully outfit for Leeland to play in. I cut out purple spots from paper and taped it to his shirt. If you want something more permanent you can use felt and glue or sew them on. I made the headband from paper. Again, you can use felt for a long term costume.


Leeland loved looking at his costume!


I chased him around the living room. You can see Michael and Chris in the background.



This was one of our more laid back themes but you can also use the ideas from Disney Camp and my Monsters Pinterest. Pinterest links at the end.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover




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