Pixar Camp: Brave

In this post: My 4th Pixar Camp post. Brave themed treats and activities! 

Hello, dear ones! We had a “beary beary” fun time with Brave ;). Literally, we focused on two of Brave’s themes: bears and archery…with a little Wisp. I was super excited for Leeland because it was his first time watching “Brave“. Yet, he’s been enthralled with the character of Merida for a year and a half. More on that in a bit…

So, we have finished Pixar Camp for the Summer but I am behind on posting. I still have five more Pixar Camp posts after this one. I’ve been a bit stressed because I’ve got a week and a half left of Summer semester for college and to have 7th grade ready. I’ve been studying for finals, turning in papers, along with organizing the house and School House, and lastly, prepping curriculum. I’ve really wanted to finish my Summer blog posts soon but I’m going to have to let that expectation go. I’m taking a long break in the Fall from college, so hopefully, I’ll have time to put more into the blog and work on fixing old posts.

Anywho, onto Brave…


So sometimes I use our chalkboard door for themes. I love the bear family idea. Princess Merida’s mom and two brothers become bears in the movie. I think my kiddos would make cute bears! I added some wisps.


Merida has been Leeland’s favorite doll and bedtime lovey for over a year. We originally gave him a Woody doll and then I saw Merida at Goodwill. I really liked her and thought she could be Woody’s friend. I had no clue Leeland would become so attached. He takes her belt and rubs it between his fingers at night. He calls her “baby” and Merida.


Last Fall, Chris had a business trip in Orlando and we got to tag along. I took the kids to Disney during the day and we waited in a long line to meet Merida (Disney post coming soon hopefully).



Leeland didn’t know what to think when he met the life-size version of his doll.


The actress loved meeting Leeland and his favorite doll.


Now, back to this Summer. We had a teddy bear tea party as we watched the movie, Brave. We also read several bear-themed books during the week.


We had Teddy Grahams and Carrot Cake Juice.


Carrot Cake Juice– orange like Merida’s hair


Of course, Merida was the guest of honor at our party!


Wisps Cotton Candy- I’m not thrilled about the wisps in the movie. That’s a spiritual aspect I talk to the kids about when they are old enough. However, the chance to have cotton candy couldn’t be missed!


I make my own cotton candy flavors. I dyed sugar blue (organic sugar if that even matters lol..it’s sugar still). Then I added vanilla extract. I know it’s not healthy but we don’t eat it every day. Leeland got a small amount.


I’ve experimented with hard candies but plain sugar seems to be the best thing to use.


Michael helped make the wisps.


Leeland enjoying popcorn with his buddy. Popcorn is a must for any movie!


The aftermath- There’s always toys and food all over the house after we have our fun. I guess it’s a beautiful mess. You’ve probably noticed that fun with the kids is higher on my list than a clean house. I had a super clean apartment when my husband was deployed and we had no kids…but it was lonely :(. So yes, a happy mess..but it’s a reality I want you to see every now and then. Now that I look at the picture this was a small mess compared to most days.


Teddy Bear Hide n’ Seek, Archery, & Gummy Bears

The kids and I took a trip to the park for some fun activities.

Chris and Michael have real bows and arrows. Now, Leeland has a play set. Michael and I showed him how to shoot his bow.


Merida is a super talented archer.


Then we had a teddy bear hide n’ seek game with yarn. Leeland followed the yarn


Leeland wore his teddy bear onesie.



I’ll admit, I often bribe Leeland when it’s time to leave a fun place. This time I had gummy bears to lure him to the van! Ha! Note, we did not have cotton candy the same day. I try to spread the fun out over the week…and the sugar.


Michael and I experimented with Gummy Bears and Koolaid…it didn’t work.


Making a Stuffed Bear- Our last activity took some time because I had to order it through the mail. Leeland and I stuffed his own teddy bear friend.


It was really easy to do. There’s no sewing required.


We named him Beary Ben because Leeland couldn’t choose between the two names.


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God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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