The Feast of Trumpets 2017 Part 2

In this Post: Our second day of celebration. A yummy treat and fun crafts for the Feast of Trumpets!

Hello, Dear Ones! How are you? I’m happy Fall has begun. It is the time of pumpkins and of course, the Fall feasts of the Lord. The Spring feasts were fulfilled by Jesus down to the last detail during his first advent. The Fall feasts are waiting to be fulfilled at His second coming. We look forward to King Jesus’ return and a world without evil. Autumn brings change and I think it is fitting that the greatest change will fulfill the Fall feasts.

What does the Old Testament Feast of Trumpets (Now known as Rosh Hashanah) have to do with New Testament Believers? Here are more details to answer that question.

*Link removed 🙁 (Sorry Dear Ones. I just saw this. Brother Amir’s vid at the end will help just as much.)

We began our morning by watching SuperBook: The Test, all about Abraham and Isaac. Trumpets memorialize God’s provision of a substitute sacrifice for Abraham. You can watch it here:


  • Pumpkin Diorama– The night before I decided to paint a carvable foam pumpkin and turn it into a diorama. The painting is very childlike but I kind of like it that way. So this really has nothing to do with Trumpets except that it is also Fall related and I made it during Trumpets…


I got the Fall village from Family Dollar.


It wasn’t as complex as the diorama on the far right (pictured below), that I did years ago. I didn’t have to glue anything or buy expensive mini knick-knacks.


  • Crescent Roll Challah– I cheated with my challah and just added honey, raisins, and cinnamon to crescent rolls. I rolled the honey and raisins inside the dough.  Here’s Michael folding the dough into a crown to represent Christ our King.

Instructions for braiding here:



Then I poured a honey, egg, and cinnamon mixture on top.


Leeland sprinkled our challah with sugar.


It made a yummy treat and would make a sweet breakfast too!


  • Coloring and Painting- I found this great Trumpets activity pack here:


I just printed a few pages based on the boys’ abilities. Leeland colored and Michael had copy work and drawing.


We used the shofar printable as inspiration for our own painting. Michael and I drew the shofar ourselves based on the picture. We didn’t trace anything. Our shofar almost looks like a piece of bread! Ha! Orange and light blue seemed like appropriate Fall colors.




It makes a nice Trumpets (Yom Teruah) decoration.


  • Rosh Hashanah (Trumpets) Card Craft– I found this beautiful card at Walmart. I decided to make a small copy of a painting of Jesus’ return and glue it inside. The card became a little window.


I wish I could tell you who painted this masterpiece but I believe it was a local artist from my hometown. I believe I have an original and who knows if they painted anymore like it. Anywho, the Trumpets card is for my own personal use. You may have seen this painting in my testimony video too. This is only a small part of it. The painting depicts a grave scene of war and famine at the bottom but at the top Jesus is coming in the clouds…bringing hope and light. A person reaches up to Him. I treasure the painting. Now I have my first Trumpets ornament. Maybe I should break out a Fall Feasts tree :).


We had planned on roasting marshmallows and looking at the stars but that actually was postponed til Saturday night. We still enjoyed our holiday. Do you celebrate Trumpets? If so, what are your traditions? God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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