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In this post: Vids about end time events/ world news and a message on avoiding and recovering from deception. Plus a way to help victims of natural disasters.

Hello, Dear Ones! Despite the deception of Date Setters and the way the World scoffs at Believers because of yet another failed date, I will continue to proclaim Jesus’ soon return. My faith is not based on signs in the Heavens, ancient calendars, or Youtube preachers. I know we are in the end times because the Bible says so. The apostles said we were in the last days 2,000 years ago. This just means we are even closer now. God is not slow. He is patient and He wants more people to be saved.

God is not bound by time like we are. “Soon” for us and “soon” for God is obviously different. We have no patience. Jesus is not a Fast Food God. It is obvious that Jesus is at work in the world and His prophecies are coming to pass daily. We must continue to occupy and be a light in this world. I know we all long for Jesus’ return, this very second. We want a World without evil. Praise God for every day we have to share the Gospel. Praise God that the door is still open for the Gentiles. This could all change tonight, tomorrow morning, or in five years. We must be on guard and constantly be in prayer for our unsaved loved ones. Jesus IS coming soon!

Prophecy Updates

If you are new to BIble prophecy, I want to encourage you to read this commentary as you read the book of Revelation:

This was on my book list for my university’s Revelation class. I’m taking a break from college this Fall but I still want to study on my own. Professor Hindson’s commentary has really helped me break down Revelation in a simple way. He lays out the context very well.

It is so important to allow the Biblical text to interpret itself (exegesis), rather than reading into the text your own interpretation (eisegesis). Sadly, many believers read Biblical prophecy and put their own spin on it. We saw this with the Sept. 23rd “sign” supposedly based on Revelation 12. The Bible itself provides details on who the woman, child, and dragon are representing in Revelation 12. There’s no need to guess.

I digress. My prayers go to anyone deceived by a date setter and I pray your faith isn’t shaken. Those who try to call out false prophets are attacked and it is sad. You can not cherry-pick verses and fit them into your modern mindset. Context is key. We do not treat other books this way but for some reason, the Bible gets mistreated.

I am not here to condemn. I have fallen into deception before and it was painful. Honestly, every single time I fell into major error, I was following a teacher who misquoted scripture. It was the deep study of God’s Word (in context) that brought me back to the light. I have several vids to share with you, but I assure you that I test these teachers with God’s Word and you should too. Preachers are mere men and if the Bereans were right to test the Apostle Paul (Acts 17:11), then surely we are right to test every person who claims to speak God’ Word. I pray you dig deep into God’s Word and test everything I write as well. 

I love Brother JD’s heart and his video below. Truly, Believers have nothing to fear. Fear has been my enemy since day one and I believe Satan wants to steal the Church’s joy by making us fearful. Jesus did not want to keep us in the dark about the future. We have a Blessed Hope and we are not alone. 

Brother Amir’s gentle reminder about date setting and what we should be focusing on. “Context, context, context” ;). “This is the time to share the Gospel.”-Amir

World Events (Birth Pains)- Remember Dear Ones, the world can not end until Christ returns. We are told there will be the Millenial Kingdom before this earth is destroyed and a new Heaven and Earth made. Yes, there will be great pain and terrifying events…birth pains…but there is time before the actual End. Dear Ones, Believers, we will not be here to experience God’s wrath. We can not get caught up in conspiracies and try to hold onto our lives. I know it is hard not to be scared. We must keep our eyes on Jesus, our Blessed Hope. The World is scared. We can offer them peace and the light of Jesus. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. May the love of God flow through us in these tragedies. The harvest is ripe! 

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So what happens if today our country goes to war? What if we are hit by a major disaster? Well, if I die, I go to be with Jesus. If I live through tragedy, I cling to the comfort of Jesus and I look to a better future. Maybe Jesus will return in the next five minutes. Maybe I will have an accident and die tomorrow and go to Jesus. Maybe I will live for years and continue to testify of Jesus. Who is the constant? Jesus! I long to see my Jesus! How about you?

You’re going to meet Jesus someday soon, whether you believe or not. Will He be your King or your Judge? I pray you choose to follow Jesus. He is the winning side and Satan does not love you. The things of this world cannot protect you. You cannot keep yourself alive. I pray you will humble yourself before God and accept Jesus’ salvation. I love you all and I pray for you. I hope to see you in the Kingdom if I do not meet you on this Earth.


My testimony vid and how to be saved.

From Darkness to Light: My Jesus Story

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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