Halloween 2017 & a Not-too-Spooky Date Night

In this post: Elsa, Spiderman, Batman, and cat costumes. Also pumpkin carving and painting. Plus, a not-too-spooky date night in Auburn.

Hello, Dear Ones! My boys make Halloween so much fun and they give me an excuse to dress up. This year I had two costumes…which is becoming a habit. We decided to be thrifty on our costumes this year and put them together ourselves.



Halloween 2017

  • Elsa Costume- I didn’t want to spend oodles on an Elsa dress. Thankfully I just did fit in the blue Maid of Honor dress I wore for my sister’s wedding when I was sixteen. I don’t think I’ll fit into it again…anytime soon. I did some light sewing for the cape and sleeves. I added little snowflakes. The earrings were cheap sparkling cubes that remind me of ice.


I bought the wig for five bucks at Walmart. It is actually two braids, so I twisted them together. Although, it is an adult size the wig was a bit off. So I had to cut my hair shorter and wear a snood to keep my hair inside. I wore sparkly tights and ballet shoes. My Disney on Ice Snowflake wand came from Goodwill. It actually inspired me to choose this costume.

Here is my makeup inspirationhttps://www.pinterest.com/pin/82824080631366906/


The costume wasn’t easy to wear or move in, but it had its rewards. Leeland loved it and kept wanting me to sing “Let it Go”. At the festival, a few little girls thought I was the real deal. So I gave out hugs and told them they were beautiful. I’m glad they didn’t ask me to sing. Ha! I really felt like a princess…or an actress at Disney World! 😉


Frozen Fun: http://amberdover.com/2017/11/23/frozen-family-night/

  • Spiderman and Batman- This proves my boys are from two different universes! Some of you will get that… ;).
  • Spiderman cost a little bit but we can reuse parts of the costume for casual wear. We bought the mask and Spiderman hoodie at Walmart. The gloves belong to Chris and the yellow shirt (underneath) and blue pants came from Goodwill. I think Michael’s Spiderman looks more like Spiderman Homecoming than the full costumes we saw. Several adults noticed this and complimented him. This is Peter Parker before he met Stark :). I had planned on finding an iron on patch for Peter Parker’s science club, but we didn’t have time. The shirt was mostly hidden anyways.
  • Batman was super easy and cheap. We already owned the pajamas, jacket, cape, and mask. Then I bought the slippers. The cape and mask are a generic brand, but they looked Batman-like. Leeland felt like Batman and that was the point. He really loved the Batman and Spiderman buckets.





  • Cat Costume- So the Elsa costume was time-consuming to put together. So I chose to be a simple black cat the next outing. Leeland already had the cat ears we got from Target. I bought the Black Cat shirt and owl tights at Walmart. I turned black socks into arm warmers. You can’t see my bat earrings but they were from Walmart too. My makeup didn’t quite go as planned. Still, I looked like some animal.


  • The Pets- Chester is already perfect for Halloween since he’s a black cat. Yes, he can be mean but he can also be loving. He is proof that black cats aren’t all evil. He just wants to be fed, cuddled, and then left alone to do what he wants. There’s nothing witchy about that!


Poor Tessa, my sweet Unicorn Dog, is getting old. Her hearing is gone and she often causes us to trip. Sometimes she walks around like she has dementia. Still, she is our beautiful first baby. She did not wear this costume long.


  • Annabelle, our special puppy, gave us a toothy grin while sporting a dino costume. It was hard to get her still enough for the pic!


  • Pumpkin carving Fun- This year Leeland got out the pumpkin guts while Michael carved. Chris and I helped them both.


Chris showing Michael how to carve.


Michael did a great job on our bat Jack-o-lantern.


  • Pumpkin Painting- Leeland painted a black kitty with a stencil.



  • Lights- Chris helped me make Fall trees by putting branches in cement. The buckets are from the Dollar Tree and I hot glued Fall leaves to the trees. Then I strung orange lights across them.


I bought the bat lights at Walmart. They look good with our Jack-o-lantern. The bat lanterns hanging from garden hooks came from Dollar Tree. The flashing foam Jack-o-lanterns came from there as well.


  • Candy Display- We hung foam bats in the doorway.


I taped up felt Autumn table decor on the walls. We blew up a black cat and pumpkin, from Dollar Tree.


Our fireplace heater broke, so it became a nice prop. I topped it with a hay bale, our small pumpkins, an owl candle holder, and a black cat stuffed animal I made (more on that in another post). I put the bucket of candy on top. We put Christian tracts, candy, pretzels, and bookmarks inside the goody bags this year. Our scarecrow stood next to it all.


We went to several festivals during October. We also enjoyed a Pumpkin donut from Krispy Kreme.


We went trick or treating for the second time. Now that we know the nice neighborhoods, we decided to go again this year. Though I do not agree with the paganism behind Halloween or celebrate the Day of the Dead, I find Trick or treating a nice way to meet neighbors. Plus, as a Christian, I want to leave the best candy for kids. It is a perfect time to evangelize.

When my kids are old enough we do talk about the history of the holiday….how it started pagan…became Christianized and then became pagan again. I know that most people do not say “trick or treat” because they fear spirits anymore. The meaning of the words have changed…so I’ve gotten over the semantics.

On a funny yet creepy note…the kids and I did meet an evil black cat at the end of the culdesac. The cat snarled at us and began to stalk us. We decided to leave that house and hurried as fast as we could. The rest of the night Leeland was scared of the “bad cat”. How many people get practically chased by a black cat on Halloween?! It was very ironic, to say the least.


Chris and I have the fun job of sorting the boys’ candy and taking our share. Hey, we drive them around! 🙂 Here’s Leeland rolling around during a sugar high. We still have candy in November, because I spread out their portions. We spent the rest of the night watching Barney’s Halloween.



  • Lastly, Chris and I had a not-too-spooky date in Auburn. It was super chilly and I wanted to do something different. In the past, we’d watch B horror movies that were really just funny movies…and we’d eat candy. Our favorite B movie being Dark and Stormy Night. We’ve memorized several lines. This time we decided to explore.


We grabbed our sweaters and took a road trip to Auburn. We ate our supper (pizza) on the way. It was dark and rainy…perfect weather. We listened to old spooky radio shows on the drive there and back. A few creeped me out but they are very tame. I get creeped out easily. Boris Karloff narrated one. The House in Cypress Canyon is chilling…also Edgar Allan Poe. You can find them here:



Our navigator took us to a dead end and we were running late. Ten minutes later we finally caught up with the Haunted Auburn tour. It was mainly a slightly spooky/comedic history lesson on the historic buildings. Our guides were wonderful bards. We were super cold, but I managed to take some creepy awesome pictures. Here are just a few.







Okay, this pic is more beautiful than spooky…


Chris and I were very happy to get back to the van. After, taking an unplanned couple of turns, we finally found hot chocolate for the ride home.


We had planned on having a Great Pumpkin movie party with friends but several weeks of sickness messed that up. We also had to miss the Beman’s Halloween dance party that we always enjoy. I’m glad we were all mended by the end of October. Well, I hope you are inspired!

God bless & remember the High King lives!- Amber Dover

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