Toddler Life: Thankfulness

In this post: Turkeys, Natives, and Pilgrims! Oh, my! Also…fun with cranberries.

Hello, Dear Ones! Thanksgiving must always come before Christmas and so I’m not skipping it on my blog either. It makes me sad how little publicity Thanksgiving gets. Stores go from Halloween to Christmas overnight. I need the transition of Thanksgiving. It eases me out of Fall and into Christmas cheer. The guys and I fill out thankful jars and Michael picks out a thankful task each day. We pull out our Thanksgiving tree and then it is all about the first Thanksgiving…and food of course. I’ll be honest. I get excited about the food bit! 🙂 So here is how we celebrated…

  • Turkey Handprints from here.


  • Thankful wreathe– I loved our turkey craft with Leeland’s face last year. I wanted to do something similar but a bit different. Hence the handprint wreath. You can also learn more about our daily thankful traditions at that link. I glued pictures of Leeland’s blessings so he’d know what the wreath said.


  • We learned about Thankfulness in our toddler Bible lesson. We learned how only one of the ten lepers thanked Jesus for healing him. We talked about praying and thanking God. Leeland put prayer stickers on all he is thankful for. I haven’t said much about our short but sweet Bible and academic lessons. I plan on doing separate posts for them, after the New Year.


  • Michael was a sweety and put up the Thanksgiving tree. Learn more about this tradition here. This was our third year putting up a Thanksgiving tree. I still love it!



  • Remember the Paintstick scarecrows from here? Well, I painted more and made them for Auburn fans at the nursing home we visit.


  • I let Leeland play with my Thanksgiving figurines. It wasn’t the best idea…because he broke one. Oh, well. He knows how to say “pilgrim” and “native” now!


  • Leeland painted and pasted this cornucopia from here.



  • We do a lot of role play during Tot School. Leeland had fun being a chef. We did lots more with food but I’m saving that for another post.


  • Thanksgiving Books



  • Thankful Jars-This tradition is so precious to me. We make it a contest. Whoever fills their thankful jar the most by Thanksgiving gets the first piece of pie. Michael has won a couple years in a row. Nana and Grandad participate as well. Maybe I can help Leeland make one next year.


  • I bought this wooden pilgrim and native kit at Hobby Lobby. The boys colored it and then set up the table for the first Thanksgiving.


  • Leeland colored pilgrims, natives, and turkeys. He also did Thanksgiving themed prewriting sheets found here.


  • Cranberry Sensory Play with Water

Inspiration here:



  • Feed the Turkey from here. We used pom poms instead of acorns. It’s a good thing too…because Leeland decided to have a pom pom fight after! 🙂



  • We watched Charlie Brown on the Mayflower.


  • Michael drew a Thanksgiving meal and a pilgrim man.



  • Leeland and I made this Turkey headband from here.


  • Native and Pilgrim handprints!


  • Lastly, Michael and I painted Thanksgiving themed rocks and hid them all together at our park. It looked like a rock feast! We have a turkey, a native, a pilgrim, a cooked turkey, corn, cranberries, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and stuffing.


May you be inspired. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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