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Hello, Dear Ones! Epiphany is drawing nearer and I’m trying my best to finish Christmas posts by then. We really did a lot this year though I had planned on simplifying. I guess I go a lil crazy and I get excited when I see all that can be done. The kids have fun though and hopefully, I can inspire you…so I guess it’s okay ;).  Here’s how we celebrated…

Christmas tree

  • Our Jesse Tree is a fun way to learn about Jesus’ family and the gospel story. Leeland participated this year.


Jesse Tree posts with devotions–

Pinecone Trees- We actually found the pinecones in November. We baked them to burn out the bugs. I added cinnamon to some of them. The others…


Leeland painted green and added glitter.


They look nice in our basket.


  • We read The Littlest Christmas Tree and also The Legend of the Christmas Tree which I talked about here.

Six Inspirational Christmas Books with Activities


  • Finding our Tree- We found a real tree this year. We had to buy a pine because I’m allergic to firs.


Michael being silly at the tree farm!


  • Decorating the Tree




  • Tree Painting by Michael


Tree Play

  • Pom Pom Toothpic Tree- I pasted a Christmas tree on a little box and poked holes. I glued pom poms to the end of tooth pics. Leeland practiced putting the “ornaments” on the tree. I got the idea here:

Christmas Fine Motor Activities




God bless & remember the High King lives! -Amber Dover

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