Message of the Birds Christmas Tea Party

In this Post: Join us for a picturesque winter picnic with the birds as we decorate the trees and read The Message of the Birds, a Christmas story. 

Hello, Dear Ones! I really love this sweet book. It IS a Christmas story but I believe you can read it anytime. It is particularly lovely in winter. So I encourage you to check out The Message of the Birds this winter and if you have your own winter picnic please leave me a link to your pics or give me details in the comment section. I love it when I hear from you guys. It really encourages me to keep blogging.

The boys and I had so much fun on our winter picnic. It is similar to our Wonderland baby photoshoot picnic and our Winnie the Pooh picnic (which I’m fixing for Winnie the Pooh Day). I’ll post that link as soon as I fix the post. Remember I lost months worth of posts because of hosting issues? So I’ll be redoing that one post. We love Oxbow Meadows and our picnic spot. Sadly, we may not be able to picnic there in the future. Another attraction is being built by the path and I have a feeling this part of the walking trail will be shut down. So we really cherished the peace and tranquility of our “meadow”.


You can read more about The Message of the Birds and other amazing Christmas books in this post. I also have crafts and activities for each.

Six Inspirational Christmas Books with Activities

  • So the boys and I took a trip to our favorite meadow. I love packing our picnic basket and pulling Leeland in the wagon. It feels so magical! I found the picnic basket at Goodwill a year ago.


  • We actually had a breakfast picnic. The weather was perfect and not too cold.



  • I love that with homeschooling my boys can run free for hours and play pretend. We still get all our school work done as well….even Latin.


  • We dried oranges in the dehydrator so we could string them for decoration.


  • Peanut Butter Bird Seed Sticks.



Leeland loved this sensory experience and got VERY messy!


  • Michael stringing popcorn and oranges!



Merry Christmas birds!


  • Goofy fun and beautiful photographs…magical memories.



We actually saw a whole flock of birds singing very loud in the trees. I recorded the “message of our birds” on video.




Michael meets Creation.


Leeland enjoys a leaf.


Inside Oxbow, we saw several reptiles and amphibians. We also enjoyed their Christmas decor.




Brothers and best friends…another benefit of homeschooling. Michael is very close to his little brother. They aren’t separated during the day.


I will cherish these beautiful memories of my kids’ fading childhood…forever. I encourage you today to play with your children and hear the simple message of the birds…peace. God smiles on you.

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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